How to install iOS 6 on jailbroken 5.1.1 iPad

ios-6-logoAs you probably know that the latest iOS 6 mobile operating system is released for the public on September 19th and it has been downloaded millions of times by many customers using their very own Apple devices. Today I am going to show you the exact method of upgrading to IOS 6 for your jailbroken iPad (assuming that it is running Cydia on version 5.1.1). Don’t worry if you have a different version as I am also going to explain you how to get iOS 6 in general.

Please understand that the process which I am going to show you is going to give you a fresh installation of iOS 6 without any sort of Jailbreak. With that in mind let’s dig deep into the steps for upgrading from 5.1.1 to 6.

Let’s assume that you have Cydia installed into your iPad. If you go ahead and delete all the packages some of the cydia files will still exist on your memory. These files might cause problems when you are trying to update to iOS 6. You see, Cydia has some coding that purposefully points to their servers and when apple detects that, your update will stop showing an error. Here is exactly what you need to do.

Steps for Installation of iOS 6

  • Connect your iPad to the computer or mac and launch iTunes
  • Take a backup of all your apps, contacts etc.
  • Now use the following links below to download the ipsw for your iPad’s 5.1.1 version. The ipsw is the stock firmware and it’s going to override all your settings and make a fresh installation to your iPad just like the one you had when you initially bought it.

Download iOS 6 ipsw firmware for iPad 3 (The new iPad) – CDMA
Download iOS 6 ipsw firmware for iPad 3 (The new iPad) – Wifi+3G(GSM)
Download iOS 6 ipsw firmware for iPad 3 (The new iPad) – Wifi
Download iOS 6 ipsw firmware for iPad 2 – CDMA
Download iOS 6 ipsw firmware for iPad 2 – Wifi+3G (GSM)
Download iOS 6 ipsw firmware for iPad 2 – Wifi

  • Once your ipsw download is complete, select your iPad under iTunes. Now click on Restore + Shift. Make sure you are holding the shift button on your keyboard when you click restore.
  • A screen will pop up asking for the ipsw file. Remember the download you did in step 3. Browse to the folder where you saved the download and then select it.
  • Now you will see iTunes extracting the files and finally installing iOS 6 on your iPad

Troubleshooting Advices

1. Error 11 iTunes

Error 11 is one of the most common and frustrating errors for iOS restore. It took me about a month to figure out why error 11 actually occurs. The thing is, when you are restoring the iOS device to any version (even using ipsw method) Apple checks and validates the restore. If Apple finds that you have done an external download of the firmware and you are not using the default iOS download inside iTunes then you are going to get this error.

Steps for Editing you Hosts

  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on your Windows. If you are using a mac then it can be found under Nano/private/etc/hosts . Use the terminal for the Mac (if necessary) to go there.
  • Inside your hosts make sure you add
  • If there is any other host entry like please add a # before it to deactivate it. This will prompt another server to do the authentication for the jailbroken iPad’s when you are upgrading to iOS 6.

Note: Please delete all Apple hosts after your restore. Just for safety.

2. Hard Disk Full Error

Another common error that occurs when you are trying to extract the packages of iOS 6 ipsw is the hard disk shows full. The way you avoid this is pretty simple. Run any disk cleanup software for the C dive or the place where iTunes is installed. It will delete all temporary files and you are good to go.

I hope in this tutorial I answered most of your questions regarding iOS 6 upgrade from a jailbroken 5.1.1. If you are still facing some problems please free to comment below and I will surely help you out.

About the Author

I am the creator of The New iPad Blog. I wanted to share some of the best iPad tutorials, authentic reviews and other fruitful information regarding iPad. I love Apple and want to help spread the usefulness of their tablet. Follow me in Google+ to get instant help for any iOS problems. Besides blogging I like travelling and hanging out with my friends.


  1. Ok I did all that but where are all my apps and stuff that I had?

    • Fuck, all of them are gone now aren’t they?

      • rahul247rocks says:

        Go to your iTunes. Make sure your iPad is connected and then it will restore all your apps and data. If you have any jailbroken apps those won’t work.

        • heyyy… so how i gonna make those apps work? do i just need to jailbreak the ios 6?? then all of the jailbroken apps in ios 5.1.1 will now work? thankssss..

          • rahul247rocks says:

            Yes you need to jailbreak iOS 6 for that. Currently there is no jaibreak for iPad 3 and iPad 4. I guess you just need to wait a little longer as I got reports that Absinthe is coming up with a untethered jailbreak.

    • rahul247rocks says:

      You can restore all apps using the iTunes. Connect your iPad and run the sync. Did you take a backup before you upgraded?

  2. Is this procedure safe?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      Yes it is absolutely safe. Just back up all your data and apps through iTunes. Before starting the process you must understand that the jailbroken apps will not work This will give you a clean non jailbroken installation of iOS 6. Lastly, the download links I have given are the official from apple. If you copy any of these link address and paste it somehwere you will see that the files are stored in a subdomain under I hope this solves your worries. If you have any other question please let me know.

      • rahul247rocks says:

        Go to your hosts…can be found under C:Windowssystem 32etchosts. Next add this line # and then save it. Use notepad.

  3. How about the opposite, ie. iOS 6.0 to 5.1.1. Is that possible?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      Yes it is possible. In that case you need to download the 5.1.1 ISPW and follow the same procedure. After your installation just jailbreak the old version using Absinthe 2.0

      • Did that but get 3194 error. I have tried all troubleshooting advices posted here and elsewhere but nogo. Yet I do read about people having accomplished it. BTW, this is on a IPAD3. Thanks.

        • rahul247rocks says:

          are you changing the hosts file like you said. And make sure you are getting the proper IPSW for 5.1.1 if u wanna downgrade.

  4. Can this work on iPad 1 or if you have something else please show me, I’m trying to upgrade my I pad please help thank you.

    • rahul247rocks says:

      currently iOS 6 does not support iPad 1. But there is a method of tethered jailbreak that will allow you to install iOS 6 one your device. Stay tuned for a complete tutorial coming this week.

      • Did you ever publish this tutorial? Desperate to upgrade to ios6 on my ipad1

        • rahul247rocks says:

          Go to Cydia ( you need a jailbroken iPad 1) and then install a Package called “iOS 6 SD”. This package has all the features and functions of iOS 6. This is currently the only known and working method. I am sorry but currently we are making other useful tutorials so we might post this topic later.

          • Excuse me but does this iOS6 SD solve compatibility problem with original iPad of some iOS6 requiring apps? Thx.

  5. it say its not compatible

  6. fyi on a MAC it is option you need to hold down not Shift!

  7. Would this work the same way for an iPhone is you had the ipsw for the iPhone?

  8. Will this method work for a jailbroken iPad 2 with ios 5.01?

  9. Did that but got 3194 error

  10. Can I download iOS 6 from iTunes?

  11. svenneke95 says:

    where stays restore? i can’t find it?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      Connect your iPad and then launch iTunes. GO to the iPad section and it should be visible under the Summery Tab. The iPad selection can be made on the left side where you have the category of music, videos etc.

  12. svenneke95 says:

    when I click on restore and click on the ispw but than it says:

    the ipad can’t be restored, becaus the pirmwarefile isn”t compatible

    what can I do now?

  13. Please confirm that this method will give me a clean IOS 6. Does this mean that I will have to jailbreak the IOS 6 before I can restore my jailbroken apps and data. Does this also mean that some of the jailbroken apps might not work as they may not be supported on IOS6?

  14. Hi I have a problem..I tried to upgrade my ipad 3 from itunes to ios 6 while it was jailbroken 5.1.1 .. Hence it is not working and it is restarting every 2 minutes.. How can I fix this problem ?!

    • rahul247rocks says:

      follow our tutorial. This should solve your problem. If you get iTunes Error 3194 or error 21 then follow our tutorials for solving them. Best of Luck!

  15. hey i’m getting an error which says that the firmware file is not supported
    fyi i downloaded the correct file…pls help me out

  16. Youssef Megahed says:

    what about update ti ios 6.0.1

    • rahul247rocks says:

      no jailbreak for iOS 6.0.1 (untethered) yet for iPhone 4s,5, iPad mini and iPad 3 and 4. You can download the iOS 6.0.1 IPSW and do a clean installation.

  17. Youssef Megahed says:

    i uninstall app sync ,installous ,cydia installer and i stuck , i cant rejailbreak or reinstall cydia or any app :(((((((( please help

    • rahul247rocks says:

      dude go ahead and download the iPSW of your iOS version. Be careful to download the right firmware for version for your device. After a clean install you can do the jailbreak all over again.

  18. sharadnene says:

    what about to present update IOS 6.0.1 ? I tried with downloaded IOS 6.0.1 but got an error message.

  19. Christopher Babb says:

    hey. i have ipad 1, and need iOS 6 for some apps. what can i do?

  20. will this erase all the apps that i previously installed using the jailbreak system?

  21. sharadnene says:

    Thanks Rahul. As mentioned before I have jailbroken ipad 2 on 5.0.1 I tried to upgrade to IOS 6.01 using the method you advised. Error 3194 persisted in spite of trying all the ways you suggested. I tried to upgrade with DFU and also recovery mode and downloading IPS 6.0.1 from itune, which I succeeded but lastly while installing I keep on receiveing message that firmware checking server is not available… something to that effect. Please help. My net is working.

  22. help! i did everything but i still get error 3194. im trying to update a jailbroken ios 5.1.1 ipad 2.

  23. Hello~ thank you so much for these information.
    About error 11, how can i edit the (host) file?

  24. well, at first it kept telling me error 3194, but when i fixed it i got error 11. i followed your steps but i still get it. my laptop in windows 7 bit64. does that influence the restoring process?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      are you using IPSW because simple restoration via Internet won’t work. 3194 is pretty common and easily fixable. Check that article on our blog please.

  25. sharadnene says:

    I have solved the problem with altogether different method. Thanks for inspiring me.

  26. I definitely have the correct firmware but I keep getting an error saying my device is not compatible. I’m just trying to restore a fresh version of 5.1.1 which is the firmware I’m currently on (jail broken)

  27. I have an ipad 2. I changed the file host, used an ipsw, im in dfu mode, i keep on getting error 1602. can you help me out Rahul?

  28. Hi, i downloaded the pertinent ipsw and added the host entry however, when i tried to execute the shift + restore, i was still directed to apple’s download site. TIA

  29. Prashanth says:

    Now that we don’t have installous and if 5.1.1 apps won’t work on 6.0 1, please advice if I should upgrade….

  30. hey rahul, i followerd ur instruction and get error message 1604, can u help?

  31. econstructor says:

    hello rahul..i need help, i am lost…my ipad 2 is currently on restore loop, i t happened after i downloaded an upgrade for ios 6, and of coourse the ipad is jailbroken. I have itunes 10.6.3. I have tried tiny umbrella to stop restore and nothing, i have tried recboot to stop restore and nothing, not sure what else to do…i am interested in saving my pics and videos…i dont think i ever set up i cloud either…but i did sync with itunes on computer a couple of weeks ago…can i find my pics somewhere??? I hope you can give me some advise…i appreciatte it. Michelle

  32. Shashi kumar says:

    Hi i have i-pad 1 , version 5.1.1(9B206)
    can i install ios 6 ?
    can i still use your method ?

  33. Hi,

    Exactly how do I upgrade my iPad 3G from iOS5.1.1 to iOS 7 or preferrably iOS8?



    • Rahul Ghosh says:

      you need to make sure that you have original version of iOS 7 or else you need to download iOS 8 and do a clean install using IPSW package.

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