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Hotel Tonight iOS App IconHotel Tonight is one of the most innovative travel apps of 2013 that reignited a spark of innovation and creativity to the highly saturated travel app industry. With their recent introduction of European hotels, it seems that users love this app and we can’t help ourselves but white a review and explain why it stands apart from the rest of the hotel booking systems like Expedia, Agoda etc.

Hotel Tonight reversed the concept of how we looked at online room booking for over a decade now. Instead of giving discounts for super early bookings this app focuses on bringing the best possible offers for an emergency booking. As their name suggests, what if you need a room tonight? You will find much better deals and offers with Hotel Tonight compared to other popular online travel bookers. Let’s dig deep into their iPad version.


From the moment you launch this app you will start embracing the design and overall feel. Instead of choosing a conventional 2 column layout with the hotel s on a narrow left box, these guys decided to design the whole application from ground up. After you have created your account and logged in successfully you will see a list of all the cities and a dedicated search bar on the top right corner of the screen. These cities are accompanied with beautiful pictures on the background with clear text on top of them. Once you tap on a city name you can see the current local time as well as mark the particular place to receive push notifications for any last minute deals. This handy feature makes browsing through various places more fun than ever.

City Categorization Menu

After tapping a city that you wish to book your night, you will be presented with a list of hotels and their prices per night. The background of this page shows you a map of their respective locations. The listings are situated on the right hand side with the styling of a info card. Finally, the hotel page allows you to visit more information and the developers did a fantastic unorthodox design of a scattered Lightbox. All the images of various rooms, outdoor facilities etc. appear as random tiles which you need to tap in order to view it on the gorgeous iPad retina display. The overall black tone of this app is very appealing and aims in provides one of the fastest navigable travel app on the market.


Hotel Tonight ensures that their users are packed with all the necessary features required to extract information about a hotel room and do a quick booking with minimalistic effort. Like we mentioned before the handy time information display is very useful especially if you are on the road and is travelling across various states or countries. One of the biggest drawbacks of this app is that you are limited to a much lesser selection that other conventional hotel bookers. There is a dedicated slider at the bottom of the booking page that lets you choose upto 5 nights. The hotel cards themselves come with their own statuses. For Example you might see things like solid, hippy etc. when you are browsing through different options. Once you tap on then you are presented with more information about the type and category of the rooms.

Price Lisitings in Hotel Tonight

Another cool feature of Hotel Tonight is the ability to earn real life cash for referring someone to sign up with them. You get $25 when they book their first room. This means if you get 10-15 friends to sign up and use Hotel Tonight, you can spend a night at a 4star for free. The app lets you connect your Facebook account just in case you decide not to fill up those long boring forms.


Hotel Tonight is a great app for jet setters as well as frequent travellers. If you are on the road and constantly spending your night on hotels, motels etc. then this app will help save a lot of your money. However, their choice and variety is very limited compared to a global scale. The time display feature might make some travellers anxious and make them book elsewhere. No one wants to receive push notifications if you are on the go. The design of Hotel Tonight is something worth mentioning because you will love its interface every time you launch the application. As of now there is no landscape mode for the app forcing you to use your iPad in the portrait mode. This is not a huge problem and we believe that they will release a landscape optimized design real soon.

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Wrap Up

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Score – (8/10)

Price – Free

Developer – DealBase Coropration

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