Haiku Deck Review for iPad

Haiku Deck allows you to create some gorgeous slideshow presentations on your iPad. The iPad is growing like a virus in every possible business industry. Company employees are shifting towards a stable on-the-go solution for all their presentations. In such a scenario Haiku Deck slashes all the complicated aspects for making a slideshow and helps you concentrate on the most essential elements that attract the attention of the viewer. In this review we are going to find out whether this app is worth a shot or should you switch back to the good old premium Keynote.

Haiku Deck Features

When you launch Haiku Deck you will be presented with 2 demo slides giving you an overview of all the features that you can use inside the application. Once you tap the new slide button you are instantly presented with a slide creator interface which is pretty straightforward in terms of features and functionality. On top you can select and choose from a list of different themes for the presentation. Although Haiku Deck is a free app, you need to shell out a few bucks for using one of their premium templates. These themes are marked with a green symbol on the side indicating that they are purchasable.

Layout Editor for Presenattions

Haiku Deck Theme Selection

The editor comes with three main settings that allow you to change text layout, background image and edit each individual slide itself. Haiku Deck is clearly aimed towards a straightforward audience who is not looking for enhanced customization. There is so much you cannot do with this app compared to the traditional Microsoft PowerPoint software and Apple’s Keynote. The real frustration comes from the fact that there is no drag and arrange feature in Haiku Deck. However, one thing in which this app excels at is its dedicated image search. I don’t know whether they have tied up with stock image companies but every picture is simply gorgeous. The pictures look fantastic on the retina display. It’s sad that there are no shortcuts for saving them on your tablet. The app actually tracks your keywords for the presentation and recommends various photos for your slides.

Slide Sharing Option in Haiku Deck


Once you are happy with the final presentation you can play it on your iPad and even share it using your social networks and email. You need to create an account with haiku Deck in order to use their sharing capabilities. Haiku Deck is full of restrictions and prevents you from creating a freeform template. If you are happy with some text and high quality background images then I can probably recommend this app to you.

Wrap Up

[Download Haiku Deck for iPad]

Score – (7/10)

Price – Free

Developer – Giant ThinkWell

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