Google Maps Review for iPad: Mapping at it’s very best

This week Google gave the ultimate blow to Apple’s controversial mapping endeavors by releasing Google Maps for iPad. While the iPhone version was around for quite some time now, with this latest update you will experience a whole new look along with some new features as demonstrated at Google IO 2013. This is going to be more of a comparison rather than a straightforward review because I feel you have the right to understand and justify why you should be using Google Maps instead of the default app provided by Apple with iOS 6 and later versions.

Google Maps is More Informative Than Apple’s Version

I live in India and I must say that I was shocked when I browsed my locality in Apple Maps. It felt as if I lived in a remote deserted area with 1-2 roads running towards the airport. There is no detail and information with their version. On the other hand Google Maps provide the most accurate representation of my locality with all the important lanes, sub-lanes, important shops and much more. I love the new color patterns of their 2013 look that enables anyone to distinguish between main roads and other not-so-important lanes. While 3D view is currently being implemented in some parts of India, unfortunately my area is not covered. However, I managed to get a 3D experience of the famous Park Street area which is pretty accurate.

Google Maps directions on iPad

One of the coolest features with Google Maps is the ability to view essential information depending on your zoom level. The further you zoom into an area you will see more shops, buildings and names of other alleys popping up. Once you zoom out, these things disappear showing the important markings. This kind of segmented approach helps you identify the place you are looking for with greater efficiency. If you are living in the America or Europe then you can experience the live traffic update that seems more accurate than ever.

New Features of Google Maps

Like I said, Google did a fantastic job with their new Maps app for iPad. This is perhaps the best version of Google Maps I have ever used on any device. The big retina display provides a level of unprecedented clarity that is missing on other products. Considering the fact that the mapping system is all vector based, you will never encounter any fuzziness or pixilation when viewing the map. On the top you have a search box that returns all your results with a dedicated routing button. You can select a particular place and visit its own info page. Here you can either check reviews from different users or jump right into the street view for the location.

Google Maps iPad Listings

Google Maps Place Information Page

On the left hand side you will find a dedicated button that slides an option panel into the screen. Here you can toggle between transit, bicycling and satellite view. You also get access to Google Earth right within your Maps application. You need to download Google Earth separately and use it.

The Apple Maps Race is Over

Yes, it’s a no brainer that the new Google Maps is way more superior than Apple’s stock version. I have to say this but this time Apple has been defeated by a wide margin. Google Maps is the answer to each and every iPad owner looking for some sort of a mapping solution. It’s fast, efficient and very detailed even in remote corners of the world.

Wrap Up

[Download Google Maps for iPad]

Score – (10/10)

Price – Free

Developer – Google Inc.

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