Free App of the Week: Little Things Forever

The iTunes store is offering Little Things free for all iOS users this week. Have you ever wondered about all those little minute details that we miss every day? Little Things is a search and find puzzle solving experience that forces you to strain your eye and use the brain at an accelerated level. To be true I never heard of this game before and was captivated by the experience from the moment I started playing it. The concept is simple where you will have a list of items placed closely to one another and your objective is to find the ones listed on the screen.

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These items are blended in such an intelligent fashion that you will sometimes miss a very common object right in front of your eyes. If you are unable to locate a piece then you should tap the hint button. The hint draws a circular region highlighting a particular area where your clue is located. The rest of the space becomes black allowing you to search in that space. With time the hint light zooms itself onto the actual object. Your goal is to find all the clues as quickly as possible. Little Things offers you a score after completing each puzzle. You need to collect different pieces that unlock a jigsaw for you to solve. Every stage is built up from a base shape. I don’t know how I can explain this to you but let me try my best.

Little Things Gameplay

For Example, you might have an unlocked image of a fish. Now when your level starts all those tiny objects are nested closely that encloses the fish itself. Maybe you can refer to the app images and understand what I am trying to explain. Anyways, Little Things Forever is pretty exciting as the game challenges you to do some hefty sight scouting. Below are the official app notes. I highly suggest that you get this free app unless you don’t want to pay some real cash for an illustrative eye exercise experience.

-Unique and beautiful seek and find game for everyone.
-Thousands of little things to find.
-Incredible artwork and a beautiful soundtrack.
-Retina display support on iPhone and the new iPad.
-Randomly generated lists of things to find means you can be entertained forever! Excellent value.
-101 puzzle pieces to collect and 9 puzzles to solve.
-Built to last: Little Things® Forever will feature new puzzles delivered in future updates.
-Fun for all the family.

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