How to fix Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Error in iOS 6

One of the most common problems faced by millions of iOS 6 users is the annoying message that says “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” whenever you are trying to access your music or movie store. I personally get a lot of emails from different people asking for help to solve the problem. Today I decided to write everything you need to do in order to fix “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” error and help others who are having this issue. I am going to share multiple methods so make sure you try each one of them chronologically and stick with the process that works for you. I really understand your frustration and after surveying lots of other blog topics covering this issue I found a brand new method for iOS 6 users to retrieve your iTunes music store access.

Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Error Message

Fix 1: Auto-Music Download Method

This is one of the simplest methods to solve “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store”. As a matter of fact this is the exact method that solved the problem on my iPad and I am surprised that no one (not even Apple) talks about this fix. In order to make this method work, follow the steps below:

  • Open iTunes on your Computer or Mac
  • Go to your App Store (Music Section) and find a song that you would like to download. If you don’t wanna purchase anything then download the “Free Song of the Week”. You need to download a legit song in order to solve the issue.
  • Once your download is complete please make sure that your iPad or iPhone is turned on and connected to the same home Wi-Fi Network
  • You will now get a message on your iOS device saying that you have new music purchases and you can turn the automatic downloads ON from the settings panel.
  • Click OK. If you click cancel its fine as well. You need to go inside Settings > iTunes and App Store> Turn the Auto Music Downloads to ON.

Auto Music Download fix

Note: For many users this music bar was previously missing because your iTunes library was empty. This actually flashes iOS 6 to reset and restart connections towards the Music App Store.
Once you followed all the steps try tapping iTunes icon from your Home Screen. You can now access your favorite music and songs from your iOS 6 device. Like I said before this method worked for me personally.

Fix 2: Date Change Method

This is by far the most popular method of solving “cannot connect to iTunes error”. Here is a quick step by step tutorial for this method.

  • Go to your Settings > General > Date and Time.
  • You will see that an option called Set Automatically is turned ON. Slide to disable it and set the date a couple of years ahead.
  • After about a minute or so return to your settings and turn on Set Automatically to restore current date.

Fix 3: Change DNS Servers to Google

This method seems to work particularly well for iOS 6 users in Asian countries like China, India, and Singapore etc. As a matter of fact many forums and troubleshooters try this method first before finding another solution to the iTunes connectivity problems. Follow the steps

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Locate the network that you are currently connected to and tap the blue arrow to the left. This will open advanced network options for the current Wi-Fi connection.
  • By default you should see your Router and DNS having the same IP address.
  • Select DNS and change its IP to
  • This is actually Google’s DNS servers. It is believed that changing the DNS sometimes flushes the network configuration and you can access the iTunes music store without any problem.

iPad DNS change


The above methods are some of the most sure shot ways of fixing the iTunes connection issue. However there might be other factors involved that is blocking your connection. For Example make sure that your Router’s configuration is not blocking access to certain websites. Also if you are from a country where the Music specific store is not live then you might encounter this issue. If you are still having problems please share your thoughts in the comments section below and I will be happy to help each one of you.

Image Source: iPadInsight

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  1. Sir, I live in India. Recently My son had brought an Ipad from UK and gifted me. In fact he was using it for quite sometime in UK & he had no problems. I created an Apple ID for myself and started using it. But I am facing the problem of ‘cannot connect to ITunes Store’. Pl advise me what should I do to make it to connect with ITunes Store from India.

    • rahul247rocks says:

      First of all make sure you logged in to your iTunes account. Go to your iTunes on your computer and select the app store. On the top left you should see your email address if you are logged in. Go all the way down and cofirm that on the bottom right you see a small Indian Flag) This means you are connected to iTunes India Store. Now follow Step 1 of this post. That’s what solved my issue. If step one does not work then reset the dates like I explained in Step 2.

  2. I re-tried many times of set up date& time thing, and reboot my iPad, eventually it works. took me almost an hour. All of the users shouldn’t use those temporary methods to solve the issue, it’s a system bug, Apple must FIX IT!!!!!!

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