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Fingstar iOS App IconOne thing that we are constantly using while doing just about anything on our iPad is our fingers. Fingstar takes a brand new approach of delivering an enjoyable experience with the 10 fingers you have as well as turning them into an addictive gaming experience. Even before I start talking more about this app one should note that you need to disable multitasking gestures on your iPad in order to play Fingstar properly. Let’s take a closer look at the game and determine whether it’s worth buying on the App Store.

The Basic Concept of Fingstar

Fingstar is all about manipulating your fingers on your iPad screen. I know this might sound a bit weird but everything is not that easy and sometimes you just need to stretch your thumb or the little finger in order to complete a mission. Once you launch the game you will be presented with circular colorful disks where you need to put your fingers. These disks need to be moved using your fingers and you need to drag them to a circular region resembling the specific color. Things get a lot tougher when you have multiple disks that require you to use all of your fingers. The catch is you cannot move them individually and you need to move all the disks and place them on the respective places at one go. In the gameplay edition I will explain how the entire experience felt like and what makes your fingers tick.

4 Player Complicated Level


The first few levels are pretty simple and you can use any two or three fingers and hold them at the right regions till you see a colorful pattern appearing on the background. You need to hold these disks for a few seconds till the entire background fills up with bright colorful colors and the level gets completed. As far as scoring or rating is concerned I found there is no definitive pattern or a familiar star like system as you see in Moët mobile games these days. Instead you are greeted with generic phrases like “well done”, “perfect going”, “good one” etc. after you complete each level. Although this method does not implicate a specific scoring on each level but the good thing is that you get an exact sense of how well you performed for the various levels. Speaking of levels, once you cross the first 10-15 stages you will start enjoying Fingstar even more. Now you need to use multiple fingers and some of the target regions are either moving from left to right or in a circular pattern. This means in order to complete the stage you need to move your fingers accordingly as well as keep the others in a static position.

Solving Level with Fingers

I was thoroughly enjoying playing Fingstar and every level posed a new challenge for me. The real fun is from the fact that you need to bend and twist your fingers to do some weird movements, some of which you have never done before ever in your lifetime. Fingstar is diverse and is certainly one of the Moët creative games for iPad.


Apart from numerous levels for yourself you also have additional stages where 4 players can play simultaneously. Fingstar is very. Engaging with kids because I played a 2 player level with a little kid next door and he seems to be enjoying every moment of it. When you complete a level there are so many diverse colors that it never seems repetitive.

Fingstar Main Menu


Not much can be said about graphic details of a fun game like is one. One thing I would like to point out is the fact that Fingstar really takes advantages of the retina display on your iPad and the background wallpapers upon completion of each game looks stunning. I liked the way they used the wide spaced font and even the app icon conveys the message of what the game is all about.


The arcade type fun games section has an immense competition with thousands of game having their unique way to entertain you. Fingstar is one of those which bridges the gap between the real and the digital world. The last hand held game I played was using marbles when I was a child. While playing this one I certainly enjoyed surprising myself with my fingers being bent and twist with every mission. If you have kids in your home then this game is defiantly a must have because it really engages your grey cells to think creatively and solve every stage.

Wrap Up

[Download Fingstar for iPad]

Score – (8/10)

Price – $1.99

Developer – Vovasoft

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