Facebook Introduces brand new responsive look for their News Feed

This was bound to happen. Facebook just announced a complete redesign of their news feed. If you have been using an iPad or iPhone, as a matter of fact any mobile device then you will find some parts similar to the new look. In terms of change the biggest evolution is happening to all Facebook desktop users. You now have a brand new menu bar that slides out from the left side of the screen. Facebook also made some massive improvements in terms of expanding its responsive design framework.

Photos are looking gorgeous on the new news feed and for the first time you can get a chronological feed of all the action from all your friends, pages, likes etc. On the top left you will get a brand new switcher that lets you jump to different sections like “All Friends”, “Music”, “Following” and more. Mark Zuckerberg shared some important statistics as to how users are starting to share more than 50 percent of their content as photos. The photo albums are all revamped to meet a more modern broader design. You also have some little changes like a roundish profile picture, gorgeous check-in designs, large profiles for timeline and so forth.

Facebook News Feed Redesign 2013

According to Facebook, they will start rolling out these changes in limited beta for the course of the next few days. Mobile users will get an app update within the next few weeks. You can learn more by visiting their official newsfeed page. I personally liked this great design and think that the social giant is headed for the right direction. Be sure to check our updated iPad app review once I get the update for my device.

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  1. Great..Im not a tech guy but I think this new design is going Facebook user friendliness

    • rahul247rocks says:

      yeah I agree the images, videos and the whole thing is looking well spaced and much more organized.

  2. JamieThornberry says:

    I really hope it doesn’t turn out like their other efforts to improve Facebook.

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