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Review of: Dots
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Rahul Ghosh

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On June 4, 2013
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Dots is one of the easiest games for iPad. The simple concept allows anyone to play the game with higher replay values. The dotaholic addiction is spreading like a wildfire.

Ever since the inception of the app store we have seen games from time to time that leaves a dent in our permanent memory. Then, there are those games that hook you onto your iPad for hours each day. Dots for iPad is one of the recent additions to the super-addictive category of iOS app. For starters, this is one of the simplest games I have ever seen that proposes you to explore infinite possibilities and offers excellent replay value. In this review I am going to explain all about Dots and explore the feasible reasons behind the dotaholic effect that’s grabbed almost 3 million users worldwide. Let’s connect!

The Concept behind Dots

Dots is all about connecting similar colored circles with some basic figure gestures. In each round you will get 60 seconds to score as much points possible. Basically, you get a random 6 by 6 grid of circles that are filled with four different colored circles. You need to connect objects having similar colors by drawing a line between them. To add to the fun, you can only move horizontally and vertically throughout the grid. This concept provides you with infinite possibilities to score more and more points depending on your strategy and quick thinking.

Dots gameplay

The Dotaholic Addiction

Is it because of the simple flat UI? Is it the rhythmic sound when you manage to connect lots of dots? I think the answer is for you to discover but there is something truly special about this game and it seems that people can’t get their hands off without playing at least 10-15 rounds every time they launch the application.

Just when you thought that there is no way out for you to beat your highscore you will discover new tactics that provides you with bonus points. One word of advice that I would like to give all of you is “Aim for making complete squares”. Once you do complete a square of similar colored circles you will eliminate all other dots of the same color on the board. The dotaholic addiction is pretty hard to get rid of and I seriously insist that you be prepared for it once you install and start playing this game. Personally, I think the sound plays one of the most important roles in making Dots what it is. Depending on the length of each connection you actually hear a rhythmic chronological pattern from a piano scale. I know that it’s kind of hard to explain but in simple terms there are no music but singular notes instead.

The Powerups in Dots

Dots also offer you with three unique powerups that allows you to create even bigger combos. One fundamental element in using these powers effectively is speed. You need to think fast and act quickly while deciding which powerup to select. Firstly, you have a 5 second time freeze, considering that you get only 60 seconds this extra time can make a hell of a difference on your score. Next, you have shrinkers that lets you dissolve a particular circle. If you use the shrinkers correctly you can pull off some pretty sick combos. Lastly, there is another special ability that lets you dissolve all discs of a particular color on the board. Personally speaking, I didn’t use the last powerup that much because it takes quite a lot of thinking in a short time span.

Dots Time Stops

Each and every successful connection is accumulated as an in-game currency called Dots. You can but these upgrades by spending these dots which perfectly suites the simple ecosystem of the game.


Dots is a must have for all you guys looking to get a digital addiction. If you play the game on a regular basis (which you will), I can guarantee that your brain will sharpen over time.  The entire design feels minimal yet engaging. Dots is truly one of my all-time favorite apps for the iPad.

Wrap Up

[Download Dots for iPad]

Score – (9.5/10)

Price – Free


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