CSR Racing version 1.2.3 update enhances in-game graphics

CSR Racing the world’s most famous drag dual game just got a major version 1.2.3 update. CSR Racing has been the epitome of drags for the last couple of months now. Since the day we reviewed this iPad game, the creators worked hard to improve CSR Racing by adding multiplayer, bug fixes, interface elements and much more. I think this is one of the few games out there that received such an extensive series of updates and improvements. Anyways, today Natural Motion Games is launching their first major graphics overhaul update. You will now have completely new scenery in the background with real time sunlight reflections and other major upgrades. It looks like all major racing games are following the paths of Real Racing 3 ever since they defined a new era of mobile-console gaming.

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Update Notes for CSR Racing 1.2.3

– Cutting-edge lighting
– Enhanced reflections
– Stunning new effects
– Improved cameras
– Minor bug fixes

CSR Racing Graphics Improvements

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  1. Prashant says:

    Hi. Do you know if updating to version 1.2.3 will make me lose the crack (unlimited gold,cash,fuel) ?

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