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CSR Classics lets you play with old school custom tuned cars in their good old side-cam drag racing championship. The new version added quite a lot of helpful features to refine their original experience. You get to choose one of the widest fleets of classic cars and play against opponents from 5 different tiers.

CSR Classics is more of an expansion pack for the popular drag racing game CSR Racing that rejuvenated gamers with the concept of 1-on-1 plain and simple drags. CSR Classics took all the good things about their original CSR game and came up with an even authentic experience with some of the most well-known cars in the history of human automobiles. I have had the privilege of completing the first 2 tiers before writing this review and the game feels pretty new yet awkwardly similar in some aspects. Take a look at our complete review of CSR Classics for iPad below.

CSR Classics Tier based bosses

New Cars in CSR Classics

If you are already familiar with the CSR Racing series then the most notable difference in this game is a fleet of old school classic cars instead of modern beasts. This is perhaps the most exciting feature where you get to drag with a Camaro against a 1980’s Audi.  However there is a lot going on with the way you customize these rides to suit your style.

Each car make & model has two different versions that are offered to you when you are purchasing a vehicle. These versions are called “Loved” and “Unloved”. Loved cars are fully restored models that shine like a new penny but costs a lot more than unloved versions. On the other hand unloved cars may look rustic but they offer a great bargain in terms of your in-game economy. You need to customize and upgrade the restore levels thereby stripping excess weight in order to convert these not so good looking vehicles into loved versions. The concept is pretty interesting and offers you lots of choice especially judging by the limited economy that you have throughout your career.

Mercedez Benz 280SL in CSR Classics

Apart from restoration you now have a bunch of other upgrades like carburetor, gearbox, nitrous etc. that increases the overall performance of your vehicle.  Each parameter can be upgraded to their fifth level just like the previous game and you need to wait for some time for the 4th and 5th upgrade of every component. Of course you can avoid them by paying directly with gold that you earn throughout your career.

Gameplay & Features of CSR Classics

CSR Classics hasn’t changed at all in terms of gameplay and controls. You start off by pressing the acceleration pedal right at the green light when the countdown turns zero. Timing is key or else your car will enter a wheelspin that loses a lot of speed and precious time. You need to time each shift with the moving lights on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Before you know it your race is over and you are awarded with some cash for the win.

One small change in this expansion pack is distinction between different car models and how they react to wheelspin, shift changes etc. throughout each drag. Even a slight change in the way you launch your car or shift from one gear to the next will have a significant effect on your overall race.  CSR Classics puts your reflexes to the ultimate test since each car has its own specific shift time for each particular gear. For example you might get a few seconds for the first change followed by an abruptly short time for the next shift.

CSR Racing Intense Gameplay

CSR Classics Racing Dashboard

As far as the game structure is concerned you need to complete regulation and ladder events in order to earn money and buy upgrades for your vehicle. There are a total of five tiers and you can unlock each one by defeating the boss of each tier. Boss battles are intense especially when you need to defeat them 3 times in order to unlock the next level. When you defeat them in one stage they will come back with even better cars that chunk more horsepower onto the tracks. A brand new feature in CSR Classics is something called social media advantage where you get a sudden boost of performance from a particular car component if you tweet an image of your ride. I really liked the strategy and I think it will encourage more players to share their experience on social networks.

Graphics & Sound

CSR Classics is packed with some of the most prominent high resolution textures that you will find in mobile games these days. Each and every car is built with meticulous detail allowing you to take full pleasure when you take them for a ride on the streets. Since the story revolves around old days, you will encounter a part of the Las Vegas strip as your drag circuit. When the race is about to finish in a close call the camera zooms towards your headlight in order to give a closer view at the finish line.  The overall sound of each car and gear shifts are pretty accurate. You can make out the difference between an unloved tier 1 vehicle to that of an ultra-tuned tier 4 beast.

Chevrolet Impala Custom Vinyl Graphics


CSR Classics will take you on an epic journey to the golden era of drag racing. The game is extremely challenging yet satisfying and you need to manage your in-game cash in order to progress through all the tiers. Boss battles put your reflexes up to the ultimate test and you will always have a smile on your face when you defeat them to snatch their car. In the end I feel that each and every iPad user who has some sort of a fetish for racing games should try CSR Classics because it’s one of the most polished compact titles on the app store till date.

Wrap up

CSR Classics iOS App Icon

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Score – (9.5/10)

Price – Free

Developer – Natural Motion Games

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