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On November 22, 2013
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Clumsy Ninja is one of the best games ever for the iPad. This game will put you in a state of digital emotional bonding with the main character. Join the quest to train the worst ninja ever.

Clumsy Ninja was first showcased at the original iPhone 5 launch event held last year. The game received a loud cheer from the audience thereby setting a high benchmark and expectation for its release. After almost one year Clumsy Ninja is finally out on the iOS store for the iPhone as well as the iPad. I downloaded the game right away and started playing Clumsy Ninja because I was one of those countless geeks waiting for the launch. I have played the game for almost 6-7 hours now and my Ninja is at level 9. I thought you might take a note of this statistic since it’s going to be the base on which I write the review of the game.

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Clumsy Ninja Belt Achievement

The Cute Clumsy Concept

Clumsy Ninja is a treat for gamers of almost all demographic and ages. Natural Motion Studios proved everyone that they can indeed make a game that is cute, enjoyable and filled with variety. Clumsy Ninja is perhaps their first game which is totally new from their regular genre of drag racing. You are presented with a rookie ninja (the main character) who basically sucks at almost everything and is a total disgrace to the lethal ninja community. Your mission is to ensure that the character learns the art of becoming a ninja master by training him throughout the game.

Clumsy Ninja Balloon flight

This means that you need to ensure that the character trains hard, earns his belts from the master and learn brand new move with each and every level upgrade. One thing that I was delighted to see in this game is the variety offered inside the game. You are free to do just about anything in order to fulfill your quest of becoming a super ninja. Let’s talk a lot more about the in-game features in the gameplay section below.

Gameplay Feature of Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja excels in its gameplay mechanics by allowing users to interact with the ninja character unlike anything you have ever seen in single person games till date. If you are a techie like me then you will definitely understand why the game took so long to release since everything happening inside is just perfect. In the beginning you are presented with an instructor that guides you with the first few missions inside the game.

Mission are like a guide map that helps you progress through the levels. The grand master might ask you to lift the charter in the air and toss him towards the fence or simply twirl your fingers in the ninja’s belly to see him tickle. I mean this is one of those games that will put a smile on your face regardless of your mood. You have your own inventory divided into two broad categories of fun and training elements.  There are over 70 items that you can unlock and purchase to train your ninja.

Clumsy Ninja Trampoline gameplay

Training elements like the trampoline, punching bag, watermelon defense etc. are a mini-game itself. When the charter starts jumping on the trampoline you need to move the object in order to ensure that he lands in the middle every time. In case of watermelon defense practice you are the one who has to throw the melons at the ninja and make him practice his defense techniques. The mini-games are integrated with such close knit that it almost feels like you are the master and this character is an integral part of your life. I am not bragging or anything but it’s just that I feel in love with the overall concept of how you and the character gets connected with his journey of mastering different martial arts techniques.

As you progress through the missions you are rewarded with coins and gems forming the backbone of the in-game economy. You can purchase additional equipment including fun stuffs like Pea-Shooter or a Basketball ring using them. Coins are easier to collect but you need to ensure that you have some gems in store just for those awkward situations. After using a particular item there is a waiting time depending on the value and the amount of XP the particular item generates for the ninja. You can skip the waiting time using gems as well. Much of the in-game economy is quite familiar to Natural Motion’s other games.

Clumsy Ninja inventory

Digital Emotional Attachment

Have you ever heard of the term virtual pet, virtual friend or virtual companion? The reason why I am asking you this question is because Clumsy Ninja defines the epitome of virtualized emotions in our ever growing digital life. A lot of hard work has gone into this game ensuring that you have a long lasting bond with your virtual character. Backed up by a mysterious story (I am still discovering) it seems that the game is designed to be never ending from ground up.

Clumsy Ninja emotional look

You can actually sense that your character is improving his skills, pulling off advanced moves at the trainings and walking around swifter than before. The level of detail at which the ninja improves can be compared to a real life scenario of the ninja training. Over the course of time you will be prompted to spend extra cash and buy some of these upgrades.

Graphics and Sound

Clumsy Ninja is a neat looking game. The 3D environments are spectacular giving you the feel of an ancient training academy. One thing that I really liked is the physics engine which is certainly one of the most accurate and diverse in the history of iPad. You can control each and every part of the character and all of your gestures on screen are associated with some meaningful animation. You have a fairly large area to work with stretching from sleeping huts and trophy cabinet on one end to some food stalls on the other. The entire ground can be used to do almost anything you imagine with your ninja. The entire game is accompanied by relevant sounds.

Clumsy Ninja Blue Belt


Clumsy Ninja is a perfect game for your iOS device. It’s one of those apps that will stay with you forever. The game is so addictive that I almost ran out of battery on my iPad (stated the game at a relatively low 22 percent charge). There are lots to do with your ninja, lots to explore, lots to unlock and yet it never feels boring or repetitive. The mission on the lower left corner of the screen provides you with constant objectives to keep you motived. Achievements in form of belt upgrades and level upgrades are extremely rewarding after all the hard work you put in to the character. Clumsy Ninja is one of those games that cannot be completed in 1 day or ever a week. It’s going to be a part of your life and turn you into a virtual martial arts coach. This is one of the best games that we have reviewed so far.

Wrap Up

[Download Clumsy Ninja for iPad]

Score – (9.5/10) Editor’s choice

Price – Free

Developer – Natural Motion Studios

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