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Class+ iOS App IconClass+ is a brand new iPad app that attempts to organize ho you take your daily classes and helps you plan them more effectively. When I got the request for the app review I was a little skeptical since most of the task management apps are pretty much the same and there is hardly anything new to write. However, Class+ brings some new and interesting concepts that surprised me.


When you launch the app for the first Tim you will be presented with some general settings that prompt you to enter some basic information like college name, date of birth and most importantly your email address. Your email is very vital inside Class+ since its used to send message between buddies. Messages can be sent between a common group of people using the app and they are stored under the specific tab called Buddies. It might sound confusing but once you get the hang of it you will love the fact that you can stay informed with some sudden updates to the class schedule. In fact I think that Class+ can be a powerful tool for the next generation of students when iPad becomes pretty common ask a part of your curriculum.

Class+ Interface

The main component of this iPad app is courses. The entire structure of everything else kind of revolves around a particular course. You can add a new course and set the basic details like name, tasks, term, description etc. The screen also allows you to set a Geo-location of a particular course as well as add contacts for it. In the middle of the screen you will find a region where you can edit and add different tasks. Each particularly task can have assorted details to them. For example if your task for today is to finish physics homework, you can manage other details which is viewed once a you tap on it. On the lower left hand corner there is a dedicated notes button that allows you to jot down notes for an individual course. The button is very hard to find and the is no tutorial or instructions pointing it. As a matter of fast most of the features in Class+ are self discoverable and it would have been a lot easier if the developers added a step by step instruction of the various elements when you launch the app after a fresh download.

Class+ Buddy Message


The design is minimalistic with shades of white filling up the whole space. The different segments are separated by grey colored empty spaces. Although he design is great but I have to say that the app itself feels a bit too static. I think a few animations here are there would have increased the overall aesthetics and motivate more user engagement.


Class+ takes a fresh approach towards course management. The app has a lot of potential if institutions introduce it on a large-scale. For any particularly student or even teacher Class+ provides a perfect platform to manage multiple courses and even compare grades. However, the app requires lots of little improvements to improve the overall experience.

Wrap Up

[Download Class+ for iPad]

Score – (7.8/10)

Price – $0.99

Developer – Dominik Safaric

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