5 Best iPad Wallpapers for June 2014

iOS 8 official wallpaper for iPad Retina

In June Apple refreshed their entire software lineup with iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite. I thought it’s time to share some of the best wallpapers for the month of June 2014. Since I already installed iOS 8 beta version I was also able to find their official wallpaper and I will be adding that in     [Continue Reading]

5 Fantastic iPad Retina Wallpapers For April 2014

ravenclaw retina wallpaper (blue)

As a graphic designer myself I am always impressed by great illustrations. Be it wallpapers, paintings or something totally abstract I just love them all. I have been a bit busy these days but I thought that I should share some of the most fascinating iPad retina wallpapers for the month of April 2014. No!     [Continue Reading]

5 New iPad Retina Parallax Wallpapers to Kickstart 2014

Star trails Retina Parallax Wallpaper

Today I am going to share some of the best parallax wallpapers that you should try in 2014. I mean although your previous wallpapers are probably still fascinating but I seriously believe that the dawn of a new year demands change. Personally I change my background once every 2-3 months just to freshen things up     [Continue Reading]

5 Best iPad Air Retina Wallpapers for December 2013

Apple Christmas Makeover Retina Wallpaper

The year is almost up and we are back with some of the best wallpapers for your new iPad Air as well as any of the retina display models of the iPad. Here are some of the best retina wallpapers for December 2013. Click on each image to download the full 2048-2048 resolution wallpaper. Bonus:     [Continue Reading]

5 Best iOS 7 Parallax Wallpapers for iPad

Peacock Feather iOS 7 Parallax Wallpaper

One of the many features in iOS 7 is the new parallax style wallpapers that responds to the movement of your device. Recently I covered an article on how to setup your parallax and other wallpaper settings in iOS 7. Today I have a bunch of new wallpapers that take advantage of the new effect.     [Continue Reading]

5 Best iPad Retina Wallpapers for July 2013

BlackBird's Swoop

Hey folks! Go ahead and download these gorgeous iPad retina wallpapers. This is our July 2013 collection. Make sure to check our different collections of wallpaper for the previous months. Note: Please click on an image to download the full 2048-2048 resolution image. BlackBird Swoop Man of Steel Retina Wallpaper Flameheart Moberg Cat Tail Blue

Top 5 iPad Retina Wallpapers for June 2013

Mixed Signals

June is an exciting month for all you Apple fans out there. First of all we have our very own WWDC 2013 from June 10th where we are expecting the announcement of the much awaited iOS 7. Speaking of wallpapers this might just be last post because there are rumors that Apple should be looking     [Continue Reading]

Top 5 iPad Retina Wallpapers for April 2013

Pit Roig

There are so many awesome retina wallpapers doing their rounds on the internet that I can’t help but start a monthly segment covering some of the best just for you guys. If you are following our website on a regular basis then you must have noticed some of our other wallpaper collections. First of all     [Continue Reading]

5 Jaw Dropping Retina Wallpapers for your iPad

Tickle Retina Wallpaper

It’s been over a month since I posted a retina wallpaper collection for all you guys. Actually, I won’t lie to you and say that I have been neglecting this segment especially when you guys have downloaded our Abstract and Space Wallpapers over 3000 times. The problem these days is that it’s very difficult to     [Continue Reading]

5 Beautiful Retina Space Wallpapers for iPad

Textured Planets Retina Wallpaper

iPad wallpapers often determine the characteristics of a particular individual. It’s the most notable thing when you switch on your iPad. If you like space and astronomy and you are fascinated by its magnitude then this post will surely delight you. Today we are going to share 5 Retina quality Space wallpapers for your iPad.     [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Super Hot Girls iPad Retina Wallpapers

Scarlet Johansson White wallpaper

It’s certainly a waste of time and screen space if you don’t take advantage of the retina display of your iPad to spice it up with pictures of hot chicks. In the past we have listed several wallpaper collections for your iPad but this one is special since this set will definitely set a higher     [Continue Reading]

5 Brand New iPad Retina Wallpapers

cute cartoon girl wallpaper

These days there are many websites where you can just type in a category name and get a wide range of iPad Retina wallpapers. The problem with most of these sites is the fact that most of the images are stretched 2048-2048 pixel images. Unless you really know where to find the best and the     [Continue Reading]