iPad Tips and Tricks

Our iPad tips and tricks section cover a wide range of topics to solve most of your issues and showcase some of the coolest features hidden under the tablet. Ever since the inception of iPad back in 2010 the device went through major improvements in terms of hardware as well as internal features to better serve the large customer base. It's nearly impossible for any average user to keep up with the growing change and that's where we come to the rescue. Our tips are targeted towards solving individual problems, helping people with disabilities, uncovering useful yet not-so-known features of the device.

These techniques will help you transform from an average to a power iPad user. If you have any questions or if you are getting stuck somewhere please ask your queries in the comment section directly below each article.

Picture Guide: Setting up iOS 7 for the first time

Sign in with Apple ID

Ever since iOS 7 was launched for public I wrote a lot of blog posts sharing the best tips and tricks to make the most of Apple’s new operating system on your iOS devices. Today I am going to share a quick picture guide that shows each and every step for setting up your iOS     [Continue Reading]

3 Steps for solving almost any errors on iTunes during iOS 7 upgrade

iTunes no error Hosts Setup

One of the most frustrating things about upgrading your iOS device is an array of iTunes errors blocking the upgrade. I mean, I faced it so many times that the popup screen of error 3194, error 21 etc. don’t bother me anymore. If you check Apple community forums then you will find a list of     [Continue Reading]

How to prevent installing or deleting apps in iOS 7

Install Delete App Control iOS 7

One of the worst nightmares for any iOS 7 user is to find out that someone accidently deleted your apps.  On the other hand some users prefer not to let kids use the app store in order to start a fresh download or conduct unwanted purchases within any application. In this tutorial I am going     [Continue Reading]

How to install iOS 7 using IPSW on a jailbroken iOS 6 device

iOS7 running on iPad

Do you have a jailbroken iOS 6 device that you want to urgrade to apple’s latest release of iOS 7? In this tutorial we will show you the exact steps required to install iOS 7 on your iPad. It’s a pretty easy method but requires you to download the iOS 7 IPSW files for your     [Continue Reading]

iOS 7 Parallax Wallpapers: Everything you need to know

OS 7 Parallax Wallpaper Disable

With iOS 7 Apple introduced a brand new way of defining depth by adding a parallax effect to your wallpapers. If you haven’t used iOS 7 yet, then you can download the update and start experiencing the effect first hand by moving your device. The way parallax works is that the entire image is cropped     [Continue Reading]

iOS 7 Notifications: New Features & Settings Tutorial

iOS 7 notifications area

One of the most distinguished changes with the introduction of iOS 7 is a brand new format for the notifications panel. Not only does the notifications panel comes in a beautiful translucent background but now you have three different sections that lets you track all your notifications with ease. In this tutorial I am going     [Continue Reading]

How to Solve iOS 7 Beta Activation Error

iTunes iOS 7 Activation Error Message

One of the most common problems faced by a lot of people trying to upgrade to iOS 7 Betas is a permanent lockout screen saying that “The device is not registered as a part of the iPhone developer program”. It seems there is no way out and you are frustrated thinking about what to do     [Continue Reading]

iPad Tips: How to view TV on your iPad

ipad Airplay Mirroring Option

iPad is currently setting the trends in the tablet industry and the simplistic design and multimedia functionality makes it an exceptional business and gaming tool. The iPad screen is much larger than your average smart phone but sometimes you just want to enjoy what you are seeing on your TV right at the palm of     [Continue Reading]

How to Change the Default iTunes Backup Location in Windows

iTunes mklink command

As a windows user one of the most common problem that I face every day is lack of disk storage space on my default C drive. In most cases people tend to install their Windows OS on the C Drive which should be a SSD to speed daily activity. As a result of this you     [Continue Reading]

iPad Tips: Everything you need to know about Safari for iOS

Safari individual website data

Safari is Apple’s own browser that comes pre-loaded with every new iOS device. From time to time Apple made a series of improvements to their browser in order to retina the number one position in the mobile internet user statistics. If you are data ting out with an iPad then the chances are you are     [Continue Reading]

How to Turn off In-App Purchases in iOS

Turn Off in-app purhcase in Restrictions Panel

Most of the apps for iOS are packed with lots of in-app purchases that add more features and functionality to the existing application. In one way in-app purchases are good since you get appropriate options to upgrade according to your need. On the other hand the way iOS is designed this can easily turn into     [Continue Reading]

iPad Tips: How to print anything from your iPad using AirPrint

AirPrint Icon

Many people browse important documents, PDF files and memorable photos on their iPad. I have seen most of them mailing these important files to their computer in order to take a printout from their printer. Fortunately there is a better way to go about the whole process and our iOS software comes packed with some     [Continue Reading]