Best iPad Apps of 2014

best ipad apps 2014

2014 has been a year of extreme innovation when it comes to applications. People submitted more apps than ever before and made more money than all of the previous years combined. As an iPad reviewer I get to test a lot of apps from a  wide range of genres. This year was no different and     [Continue Reading]

Best iPad Apps of 2013 Winners

TNIB Best iPad Apps 2013 winners

Time has come to reveal the winners for our best iPad apps 2013 awards. A few days ago I posted the nominations from several categories like best racing game, best app for productivity etc. and I must say that the competition is quite intense this year. Without further due here are the winners. Congratulations to     [Continue Reading]

Review: Google Hangouts fails to meet my expectations

Google Hangouts iOS App Icon

When Google announced their highly anticipated Hangouts app for iOS (codenamed Babel) I knew that it’s going to much more than a WhatsApp duplicate. Over the last couple of months we have seen a lot of high quality, elegant apps from Google and I am happy to announce that the recent Hangouts Chat client is     [Continue Reading]

Facebook iOS version 6.0.1 brings Chat Heads, Redesigned News Feed & More

Facebook Chat Heads

A few weeks ago when Mark Zuckerberg announced a complete redesign to their Facebook News Feed, I was waiting with eager anticipation to see the changes myself. I applied for the web based request almost instantaneously but some way or the other I never got the update. Thanks to Facebook for iPad, I can finally     [Continue Reading]

Google+ Updated for iPad with new look, community controls & Photo Editing Features

New Google Plus Photo Filters

Google seems to be determined with their Google+ app for iPad. Ever since the first launch of the iPad optimized version of their social network, the entire Google+ team worked hard to improve the overall experience of the user. With every update they added small little improvements but nothing beats the major upgrade to their     [Continue Reading]

Facebook Introduces brand new responsive look for their News Feed

Facebook News Feed Redesign 2013

This was bound to happen. Facebook just announced a complete redesign of their news feed. If you have been using an iPad or iPhone, as a matter of fact any mobile device then you will find some parts similar to the new look. In terms of change the biggest evolution is happening to all Facebook     [Continue Reading]

10 Best Social Networking Apps for iPad

Various Social Networking Apps

The iPad is capable of running some of the most popular social networks on the planet. I am not talking about going to Safari and hitting the URL. I am talking about some of the best social networking apps that provides an optimized experience for the gorgeous 9.7 inch display. Out of the many apps     [Continue Reading]

Tapbots Netbot client for goes free

Netbot iOS App Icon

Tapbot just made their client Netbot free for all iPhone and iPad users. initially started as an ad free social network similar to twitter. In order to join them you need to have a paid account starting from $5 per month. Don’t get me wrong here, the Netbot custom client for their service     [Continue Reading]

10 Free iPad apps to get started the right way

DropBox iOS App Icon

Once you switch on your brand new iPad for the first time you will be greeted with a short setup process followed by the beautiful stock iOS setup and its default apps. In order to unleash the true potential of the iPad one needs to quickly jump into the App Store where you will find     [Continue Reading]

Best iPad Apps in 2012

Best iPad Apps 2012 Nutshell

2012 has been a great year not just for Apple iPad apps but for the entire tablet market as a whole. For the last few years we saw the start of a post PC revolution with Apple leading the band of new interactive devices by launching their first iPad. Even since that iconic day when     [Continue Reading]

Review: Path for iPad

Path icon

In 2012 Path introduced a brand new way of sharing your life with others. In just a few months the startup gained massive popularity and this week they just launched their first ever iPad app in an effort to mark their services accessible to a wide range of audience. As an iPad app reviewer it     [Continue Reading]

Facebook Messenger Updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Facebook Messenger for iOS new layout

Ever since the tie up between Facebook and Apple over the iOS 6 social sharing features, the former has been updating all their iOS applications to make the experience much faster and optimized. A month ago Facebook rolled out a major redesign to their iOS app that enhanced performance upto twice as faster as the     [Continue Reading]