5 Refreshingly New iPad Apps For April 2015


It’s been a while since I came up with a  list of some new iPad apps that you should try. I was busy working on other projects and never got a chance to update my blog. Well, today I decided that I should write an article sharing some of the best iPad apps that I     [Continue Reading]

Gaming on the Go in New Jersey

ceasar's gaming app

Mobile gaming has assumed the mantle as the preferred medium of entertainment for players the world over. A recent study was conducted by South Central Louisiana State University which found that 85% of men would much rather prefer to spend their time playing mobile games than going out with their in-laws. Not surprisingly, various mobile     [Continue Reading]

Best iPad Apps of 2014

best ipad apps 2014

2014 has been a year of extreme innovation when it comes to applications. People submitted more apps than ever before and made more money than all of the previous years combined. As an iPad reviewer I get to test a lot of apps from a  wide range of genres. This year was no different and     [Continue Reading]

8 iOS 8 Games taking advantage of Metal Gaming Technology

metal new apps iOS 8

With the release of iOS 8 on September 17th I got a chance to experience Apple’s brand new Metal game engine that is geared to take over OpenGL and provide gamers with an immersive experience like never before. During WWDC 2014 Apple showcased the power of Metal with a demo game called Zen Garden which     [Continue Reading]

5 New Apps for those you love Poker & Gambling

best new casino apps banner

A lot of you recently asked me to do a curated list for best new casino and card game apps on iPad. Actually, I have been playing some of them and today I thought that I should share my picks with you. If you are not into card games then you can also take a     [Continue Reading]

Hyperlapse Review – Professional timelapse just a tap away

hyperlapse interface design

Hyperlapse is Instagram’s brand new app that lets you shoot videos and turn them into a fast-paced (hyper) proefssional looking clip. Enough of my sales pitch but the real reason why I decided to do a review of Hyperlapse is because its already creating quite a buzz in the social media world. Each and every     [Continue Reading]

OLX App Review for iOS

OLX iOS App Icon

OLX is one of the largest free classified website on the internet and I thought that I should do a full review of their revamped OLX app for mobile as well as tablet. Recently I started paying attention to a lot of classified service since I am planning to immigrate to a new country and     [Continue Reading]

Best iPad Apps for July 2014

Best iPad Apps July 2014

Every month I try to make the best possible list of apps that you should definitely try on your iPad and I apologize for delaying the July 2014 edition. The thing is I am preparing for my masters and I was pretty caught up with my academics. Anyways, now that I am here I spent     [Continue Reading]

PlunderNauts Review – Strategic Space Battle Action

PlunderNauts Starship

A lot of game developers tried to hit the sweet spot with space games. Assembling the vertigo of space on a 9.7 inch iPad is quite difficult and only a few games like Faster Than Light, Galaxy On Fire etc. have managed to captivate the true experience of what’s it like beyond the stratosphere. These     [Continue Reading]

Best Apps to Follow During FIFA World Cup 2014

Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 Logo

FIFA World Cup is arguably the most anticipated sporting event in the world. The Brazil 2014 world cup starts from today and I thought that now is a good time to share some of the best apps that you should install on your iOS device for the season. Whether it’s about getting live-scores, watching replays     [Continue Reading]

Adobe Voice Review: The Future of Storytelling

Adobe Voice iOS App Icon

Adobe Voice is the brand new application from Adobe allowing you to create compelling visual flows to narrate a story. The app is free to download and it’s making quite a buzz ever since its launch. Today I am going to share my in-depth review of Adobe Voice and try to decode why it attracted     [Continue Reading]

Best iPad Apps to Kickstart May 2014

Best iPad apps to start may 2014

As we are nearing the first half of 2014 we have already seen a lot of great iPad apps on the AppStore. Searching through millions of applications and finding the ones that you need the most can be quite difficult. Therefore, I decided to categorize some of the best new and updated iPad apps that     [Continue Reading]