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Braindex App IconBraindex is an awesome new quiz game for iPad that takes virtual interactivity to a whole new level. Rentals we have seen a lot of quality quizzing apps released for iPad and Braindex Trivia against celebrities is certainly one of the best. It is one of the first games for iPad that blends the virtual and real world. Lets take a closer look at the game in our in depth review.

From the moment you open up the Braindex app for the first time, you are in for a treat. The main menu is designed with a 3D look of arcade style buttons representing various options for the game. Braindex is the world’s first App Show which means you are playing against real life persons on a virtual environment. On the center of your main menu you will find a bunch of episodes each representing a possible trivia game. For Example, you might select the Mike Tyson episode and tap your screen only to see that a full blown video gets started. At first it might make you feel uneasy but slowly you get to realize that this iPad game is nested within the video itself. The rules are fairly simple where you have 10 questions that you need to answer and score as many points possible. Each question gives you a short span of time to hit the right answer and lesser reflexes might lead to lower scores. There is a bar on top that tracks the exact timing of your answer and assigns your score between 0-1000. If you fail to come up with any answer then you score a big zero.

Braindex Main Page

While the trivia rules might sound simple, the reason why Braindex is turning out to be addictive is because of the video that plays in the background while you are playing your own game. The same questions that pop up on your screen are thrown at different celebrities on each episode. They are calibrated on the exact same time graph. At the end of 10 questions the player between you and the show contestant, who has the maximum points wins the game. Braindex is one of the most engaging iPad apps in the history of the app store. You really get a feel that you are competing against a real celebrity. Braindex also throws a bit of variations in their questions to make things more interesting, For Example, a genius question allows you to score twice the number of points while a dumb question is something you need to answer in terms of true or false. If you get dumb questions wrong you lose all your points. The final one gives you a chance to make 2500 points where you need to choose 5 correct options for the given statement.

braindex interface


Overall, Braindex is fun especially the way with which the host conducts the show and talks directly to you. All the buffering also ensures that nothing is stored in your iPad as it uses the internet to stream the media directly to your device. The show is updated with new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ensuring that you always have a stream of new content rolling in. As a matter of fact once you finish playing a particular episode there is no fun in replaying it since you will know all the questions and have to watch the same video. Braindex is free with no in-app purchases. I am sure this is just one of the many App Shows expected to launch in 2013.

Wrap Up

[Download Braindex for iPad]

Score – (9/10)

Price – Free

Developer – Touch Frame Inc.

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