Best Free iPad Apps for February 20th 2013

Best Free Apps Feb 20th 2013

It’s Thursday 20th February 2013 and we are once again back to take 2 minutes of your precious time and help save tons of money by listing some of the best free iPad apps. As usual we will also list these great apps with direct download links in iTunes. We would love to know your opinions so please comment below and let us know about our listing and if there is anything you want us to improve on.

Note: App Prices are verified at the time of writing this article. We are not responsible for any unexpected price change.

Montezuma StonesECO Pawel JaroszGamesFreeDownload
Briefcase Pro - File manager, cloud drive, document & pdf reader and file sharing AppQiwen ZhangBusiness$4.99Download
iGTDDavide MastromatteoProductivity$2.99Download
CrazytariumMahdi JeddiGames$1.99Download
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