Best Buy offering 30 Percent Discount for iPads

It’s not Black Friday or anything but retail giant Best Buy is trying to clear their humongous iPad stocks by offering flat 30 percent discounts for the 3rd generation and Mini. The iPad 3 16 GB AT&T Wi-Fi+ Cellular can be purchased for $405 thereby saving over 100 dollars. The next generation iPad has to be round the corner because it’s not just BestBuy. Walmart also joined this clearance sale giving the same discounted pricing.

According to reports many people are taking advantage of this opportunity by purchasing an iPad with more memory at an affordable cost. In my personal opinion I think you should only choose the 64GB products since a new iPad is surely going to be released later this month. With iOS 7 expected to be released alongside the products I am pretty sure that the 3rd generation iPad will be compatible with the upgrade.

If you are someone looking for the normal iPad experience without a tilt for future high-res games then I highly recommend that you grab the amazing deal from either BestBuy or Wallmart.

[Buy iPad Mini 16GB for $299]

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  1. Rahul,

    I’m clueless with anything Apple, but it looks like I may be in for a change due to software apps only written for the iPad/Android duopoly. Can I get a WiFi iPad Mini and tether it to my Blackberry? That’s the question. Or do you know someone who knows?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      You cannot tether from any Wi-Fi Models…you need to get a 4G LTE Model to do that. You will get an extra option in settings called “Personal Hotspot”.

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