Belkin Announces iPad Mini FastFit Bluetooth Keyboard

These days all the popular accessory manufacturers for Apple products are concentrating on the recently launched iPad Mini rather than the bigger 9.7 inch iPad. A few days back Logitech announced their ultra-thin keyboard for the mini and looks like Belkin is not holding up either. Today Belkin also announced they will be launching a brand new Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Mini. If you go to their homepage then you can see more details and information about this highly anticipated product.

Belkin FastFit with Hinge

Belkin FastFit Side View for iPad Mini

Belkin named it the Fast Fit since it also comes with an aluminum hinge that can hold the iPad face down whenever you are not working. We haven’t had a chance to check out the product in real but the images on Belkin’s website are looking impressive. The company is claiming that the Fast Fit is even slimmer and lighter than the Logitech Ultra-Thin keyboard because it’s built with a special aircraft grade anodized aluminum. Although the keyboard is extremely small but the keys are well spaced. We still have to give our final verdict when we get our hands on one. The same old Bluetooth connection connects the FastFit with your iPad. Technically you can use the keyboard with a large iPad as well but I don’t see any reason as to why. Finally, there is a bright blue light on one side indicating the status of the Bluetooth wireless connection.

The Belkin FastFit looks promising from its first glimpse. However, they need to price it right and the keyboard keys should be easy for long hour typists. The coolest feature is the auto sleep/wake when you attach the iPad Mini to its hinge. We will update you with more information in the coming weeks.

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  1. Morten Andersen says:

    Will there be dedicated special keys for the Scandinavian letters (æ, ø and å)? The Logitech offers these keys. Are the number of physical keys high enough on the Belkin Mini to offer also these keys? Or will there be a solution (sub-optimal, though) by having to use an Fn-key?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      You can get those letters by long pressing A, unfortunately the FastFit does not support dual function features. However, there is a wide range of hotkeys on top that does pretty much everything.

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