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Review of: Baby Nom Nom
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Rahul Ghosh

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On August 2, 2013
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Baby Nom Nom is a level based puzzle game where you need to steer a stack of rice through a maze and feed it to a young baby. Check our review and find out whether it does enough to captivate your imagination and keep you hungry for more.

Baby Nom Nom iOS App IconRecently I have been playing a brand new game called Baby Nom Nom on my iPad and I am really impressed by it. The reason why I am praising this game is because of its unique concept and the entire artwork that makes up for a fun enjoyable time on your iPad. Baby Nom Nom just got released this week and I thought that I should do a review of the app so that you can understand what’s so special about this game. Let’s get started.

The Concept

Baby Nom Nom is a level based puzzle game where you need to feed a bowl of rice to the main character. The fun begins when you find the rice stacked inside a maze and the only way to untangle the food is to use a series of circular maneuver and make sure that every grain falls right on the bowl situated below. Powered by a state of the art physics engine this game challenges you to think, act quickly as well as keep a firm steady rotational motion all at the same time. Each stage features a set of levels with increasing difficulty. Just like any other level based game on iPad, Baby Nom Nom grades you on a 3 star rating as well as points all your achievements for each individual level. Let’s talk a lot more about the actual levels in the gameplay section below.

Baby Nom Nom Achievements


Baby Nom Nom has a very little learning curve since you need to rotate the maze and get all the rice out for each level. The first few levels are pretty easy and it’s kind of a no brainer for you to earn perfect scores in all of them. The real challenge beings after you reach the halfway point of the first set when the puzzles seem more complicated.  Apart from solving each and every puzzle you also need to work against a clock and ensure that you successfully fill the bowl before the timer runs out. There are two powerups that allow you to slow the timer and create a suction gravity effect to suck all the rice into the bowl when you are pouring them below.

Baby Nom Nom Gameplay 1

One particular feature that attracted me the most is the highly accurate physics engine. Even when you have cleared the rice through a maze you need to keep you calm and ensure that the rice doesn’t fall on either side of the bowl. When you are graded after each level you can check the exact percentage of food that has entered Baby Nom Nom’s bowl. You can collect some optional fruits by steering the rice through them and try to increase your highscore.

The Inca levels are particularly challenging where you have teleportation areas, keys to unlock and other surprising elements that you need to use in order to clear the level. A lot of though and brainstorming has gone into designing every level. Be sure to retry each one and try to beat your best score.

Baby Nom Nom Levels


Baby Nom Nom comes packed with cartoonistic high quality textures that shine on the retina display of the iPad. The vibrant colors help engage you as the gamer while you keep clearing one level after another. I also love the animations of the baby boy that reacts to the amount of rice being poured on his bowl. If you fail a level the boy literally screams and throws the bowl at your face. I mean you need to play the game in order to understand what I am trying to say. Overall this game is backed by solid graphics and superior physics engine.


Are you bored? We all get bored at some point right? Well, I highly suggest that you download a copy of baby Nom Nom on your iOS device as I can assure you that it’s going to come handy to spend some quality time and get rid of the boredom. There are plenty of levels to cross and each one of them is re-playable where you try to beat your own score and time. No matter how much rice you feed to the baby you are going to want more. I am really impressed with Playrise Digital and I can’t wait for them to add some more levels with the next update.

Special Mention: When you buy Baby Nom Nom, a part of the profits will be donate to children’s charity SOS Children’s Villages.

Wrap Up

[Download Baby Nom Nom for iPad]

Score – (9/10)

Price – $2.99

Developer – Playrise Digital Ltd.

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  1. Just want to thank you for a fantastic review. I don’t know if you picked up on this, or maybe you were avoiding mentioning it, but it’s also donating to children’s charity. SOS Childrens Villages provide loving homes to orphaned and abandoned kids all over the world. Great reviews like this should help build awareness :) Thanks again. Nick CEO, Playrise Digital

    • Rahul Ghosh says:

      Hi Nick,

      Actually I was concentrating so much on the game review that I forgot to cover this point. Anyways, I updated the article with a special mention about your charity at the end of my conclusion section. :)

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