Asphalt 7 Heat Review for the iPad

When it comes to racing games on mobile devices nobody does it better than Gameloft’s Asphalt series. With their latest release of Asphalt 7 Heat for the iPad and other iOS devices, the game did live up to its expectation. The action this time is much bigger, faster and full of adrenaline rush. I have been playing Asphalt 7 Heat for a few days now on my new iPad and decided I should write an in depth review of the game.

The basics of Asphalt 7

The first time you launch this racing game after your hefty 1.11 GB of download you will immediately get a feel of what to expect with some awesome sound tracks running I the background and a game cover showing a Lamborghini. If you are a complete newbie to this series then you should not worry as the career mode starts with some basic tutorials that provide enough insight to make yourself familiar with the game.

The main menu gives you the option to start a career, quick race and multiplayer modes. On top you will see certain bars and numbers, more like that in a strategy game but they all relate to the overall gameplay in a compelling way. There are these cash that you can earn after winning an event or collecting cash tokens on road. Cash can be used to purchase certain upgrades for your vehicles. Then there are these starts that are also gained after winning a race. Starts help you unlock new cars and items. There is a meter on the top right hand side that shows your progress for the current driver level.

Asphalt 7 Heat Car Customization

Then there is also the shop button that allows you to purchase new vehicles, parts both for your single player and multiplayer campaigns. At any time if you feel you really need cash or stars then Gameloft offers you the ability to buy them with real money.

The Gameplay

Asphalt 7 improves over its previous version in every way possible. The racing feels intense where each move can make a huge impact. Especially if you are playing multiplayer then you need to use your nitro strategically to stay at the top. The car handling is brilliant and now drifting is a whole lot easier and accurate where you simply need to tap the brake button (left hand side of the screen) just before entering the corner and control your drift using your Ipad tilting. The tilting is also used to control the car throughout the race where every response is accurately measured. Unfortunately if you are new you will not find you traditional accelerator and there is very good reason why? The action in Asphalt 7 Heat happens so fast and fluidly that all you need to do is mater your skills in keeping your car on track and collect as many bonuses you can. Again I would like to mention about the importance of drifting in this game.

Asphalt 7 Heat Gameplay

The tight corners can only be covered quickly using accurate drifts that are not as hard as it sounds. Often you will find that sliding the car in the right angles before exiting a corner allows you to collect a series of tokens almost automatically. The power-ups are distributed in such a way that maintaining. Right rhythm is important or you are bound to loose many of these power-ups.

This new version of Asphalt offers various race modes like elimination, time trails, knockout which involves smashing other vehicles on the race and of course you default lap based racing. Tracks are quite challenging with lots of variations from one another. In one level you might race across the neon filled streets of shanghai and on the next you are speeding on the Paris freeways. My personal favorite destination would be Iceland that features a unique combination of ice filled roads and molten lava. Here is a full gameplay video from our YouTube Channel.

The Graphics

Playing Asphalt 7 on the retina display is a great experience. With this version of the series Gameloft really pushed their graphics to the limits making everything feel more polished, crisp and realistic. Having said that I do feel that they could have worked on the roads a bit better as you may occasionally find signs of low poly models on the corners or Sherpa turns. However, when you are playing the races things happen pretty fast and you only experience the better parts skipping the details. Cars look gorgeous from the default camera view with accurate modeling and prominent logo for every brand. On the IPad 3 you can actually read the words BMW inside the logo.


The game textures have improved a lot and colors feel more natural. It might be because of the retina display screen that makes me praise do much about the look and feel of the game. Lastly I would like to point out one major aspect that makes Asphalt 7 Heat one of the best designed racing game for the iPad. Especially the reflection, man it’s so accurate that at times I thought I am playing on a console and not a post PC device. The sun glare casts reflection on roads, vehicles etc. so accurately that it is a visual delight. Overall the game looks very neat and polished.

The Career and Single Player Modes

The career mode starts off on a slow pace but things get pretty intense after crossing tier 2. The first few races are quite easy and I feel that they should have been made a little competitive. Once you advance through various tiers you get to upgrade your vehicles which is completely useless except for the multiplayer mode cause winning in Asphalt 7 is easy. However after tier 5 or 6 your driving skills will be put to test with faster cars and jaw dropping actions on the racing track. Upon completing the events of a particular tier the next level gets unlocked and new areas, tracks and cars are reveled to you.

The single player is pretty much the same where unlocked events in the career mode can be played over and over again with lots of different racing modes. Single player timings are uploaded to Gameloft servers for best lap charts and so on.

The Multiplayer Mode

Asphalt 7 Heat comes packed with a solid multiplayer mode that provides lots of exciting ways to play with friends online. There are two local online modes where you can connect and play with other iOS devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Setting up your game is super easy and the racing action happens almost without any lag. The real fun however is in the Gameloft live mode where you can play with other players across the globe.

Asphalt 7 heat Multiplayer Game Modes

Asphalt 7 Heat Multiplayer Interface

Each and every single player event is also available on Gameloft Live. My particular favorite is the elimination where the last player at the end of the timer is eliminated until there is just one player left. You earn reputation for your winnings that is used to upgrade vehicles. One word of advice to all of you eager on playing the multiplayer mode is that you need to have a good upgraded car no matter which tier you play for. You can even create private matches and invite your friends for a race. Multiplayer does a great job in Asphalt 7 Heat.


Out of all the games in their series Asphalt 7 Heat is the best one yet. With lots of tracks to choose from and abundance of vehicles, awesome active multiplayer community, this app just costs a dollar. My recommendation to all of you would be to buy it because it’s worth every single penny. However the game takes over 1GB of space so be sure you have the adequate space on your device.

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