Apple’s October 23rd iPad Mini Event Summery

This was the last event for Apple in the year 2012 and Tim Cook had planned something special for everyone.  He first got up on stage and explained some mind boggling statistics that Apple managed to achieve this year. Some of the key points to be noted are:

  • 100 Million iPads sold in 2.5 year (since the beginning of iPad)
  • 5 Million iPhone 5 sold in just a few weeks.
  • 300 Billion iMessage Sent

With all the rumors stacking up, we knew that Apple was planning for some major announcements and the event proved the same. First, Tim started as usual showing off some of the major milestone they have achieved and providing a fairly detailed so called progress report for the general public. It is no doubt that Apple is currently having a golden era and is also winning the battle against PC for 6 years in a row. Shortly, Phil Schiller took the stage and introduced a brand new 13 inch Macbook Retina Display, a new Mac Mini (mocking the word mini) and a freshly designed iMac.

new iMac 2012

Out of the three Mac improvements, it seems that people responded mostly to the brand new sleek looking iMac because of the extraordinary design and innovation that’s gone behind Apple’s flagship desktop. Phil then handed the stage back to Tim Cook who surprisingly introduced the 4th generation iPad.

Even before you could realize the fact as to how quickly Apple is launching another iPad, Phil was back and this time he introduced the much awaited iPad Mini. Phil said “Every inch an iPad” which is perfectly true from the demonstration. He also compared the critically acclaimed Google Nexus 7 inch Tab to that of the iPad Mini and gave the audience plenty of reasons as to why the latter is way better. The best part of the iPad Mini is the short little TV advertisement, showcasing a piano jamming session.

iPad Mini showcase by Phil Schiller

Tim was back on stage and this time he thanked everyone for joining October 23rd Apple Event and said that they have delivered what consumers expected. It is no wonder that Apple revamped their entire lineup for the past one year with significant improvements. One thing that surprised a lot of bloggers is the early release of the iPad 4 considering that the new iPad was introduced in March itself.

We will dig deep into each product in later posts but as of now we just wanted to update you guys with a short summery of the entire event.


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