Apple releases “I’ll be home for Christmas” Holiday Ad

Apple is one company who is known for making some mind blowing commercials showcasing their latest products and technology. Today, the tech giant launched a brand new 30 second advertisement catered specifically for the holiday season. The ad features the famous Bing Crosby’s song “I’ll be home for Christmas” which is being played by a young girl to her grandfather. The main motive of this commercial is to emphasize the fact that the new iPad Mini is equally powerful as the tradition 9.7 inch version. This has been a trend for Apple for quite some time now.

A few months ago we saw the highly praised “Chopsticks iPad Mini Ad” that also showcased Garageband with the same experience for both the tablets. Coming back to the latest Christmas ad, I really loved the snowflake animation at the end which features the Apple logo. The little girl plays on her guitar and shares the “I’ll be home for Christmas” song using her iPad Mini. On the other hand you can see the grandfather receiving a fluid transmission of her granddaughter on his iPad 4. Although this is not one of the best holiday ad by Apple but it surely pumps up the mood for festivity.

Last year we all saw how Santa Clause was using Siri to manage his busy Christmas schedule. This year the theme is all about convincing customers that the iPad Mini provides the same magical experience as they have witnessed on their bigger iPads. The commercials seem to be working well for Apple as they have already sold over 10 Million Mini along with millions of the next generation iPad 4. Apple also prepared some special holiday packaging service for their customers (which is available online). We hope that this new marketing strategy helps them achieve record shattering sales figure in Christmas 2012.

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  1. The Inspector says:

    I’m pretty sure the little girl’s face is imposed on someone else’s body. Those are a man’s hands playing the ukulele. Right?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      I think the girl herself is playing the ukulele because I took a closer look at the neck movement and the hands on the guitar is also that of a child. The chords are accurate as well. I’ll be home for Christmas has some pretty easy chords.

  2. Is she not playing using her right hand on one and left hand on the video feed?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      that’s how it happens when you are using Facetime. The camera comes as inverted when you are viewing yourself.

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