Apple Q1 2013 Net Profit soars high at $13.1 Billion

Apple just released their much expected income report for the first quarter of 2013. According to the report the tech giant made $54.5 Billion of total revenue with net profit figures at $13.1 Billion. This is one of the biggest and most profitable quarters in the history of Apple. Soon after the launch of iPhone 5 just before the holiday season, the company sold more than 47.8 Million iPhone handsets. Although we do not have a detailed report of which iPhones sold the most but it’s obvious that such humongous numbers are a result of the recent iPhone release. The iPad Mini grabbed the small tablet aka phablet industry pretty strongly. As a matter of fact, another report came out this week suggesting that Sharp stopped production for all 9.7 inch screens and is concentrating solely on the new iPad Mini’s 7.9 inch displays.

Apple Lineup Sales comaprion chart iPhone and iPad Sales Q1 2013

2013 looks like a strong year for Apple both in terms of profit as well as innovation. The company is preparing a whole new lineup of products including the much rumored iPad 5, Retina iPad Mini and a brand new television. With such strong sales figure Tim Cook should be more than happy with his performance along with several investors who saw gains in stock price immediately after the declaration of the Q1 2013 earnings reports. We will keep you posted with all the latest developments and rumors from the world of Apple in 2013.

Quick Facts from Q1 2013 Financial Report

  • 22.9 million iPads sold in this quarter
  • Apple has over 500 Million iOS users
  • 250 Million iCloud Useres
  • Apple retail store visitors increased by 7 percent on average at 23000/week
  • Over 200 million Game Center Accounts
  • 2 Billion iMessages sent per day
  • 4.1 Million Mac’s sold (21 percent less than last year)
  • 12. 1 Million iPods sold (18% less than last year)

Image Credit: TheVerge

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