Apple Paris store robbed on New Year’s Eve for $1.3 Million

Apple is known for displaying their products on some lavish looking stores worldwide. On Monday night when the entire city of Paris was busy partying and celebrating for the New Year, four armed robbers broke into the famous Apple store in Opera district (3hours after the store closed at around 9 PM) and robbed expensive items like MacBook Pros, iPads and iPhones. According to reports the total amount of stolen goods is estimated at $1.3 Million. These robbers were surely planning the operation for a few days if not weeks. Instead of breaking from the front door they used the backside to minimize any suspicion. They also had a small truck parked at the end of the alleyway which was used to load up all products and exit the scene. All of the robbers were wearing masks so the police have no clue about their identities.

Apple Paris Store

Image Credit: Fox News

According to reports from The Telegraph the robbers first threatened a security official who was apparently guarding the building. Another janitor was slightly injured when he tried to oppose these masked criminals. Paris police is conducting a thorough investigation of the crime scene and is surely looking for all possibilities. As far as the robbers are concerned sooner or later someone is going to use these products and when they turn on an iPhone or iPad and connect to the internet Apple can track the serial numbers and determine the location of the signal.

Despite the loss Apple stocks surged upward showing no sign of affection from the incident. We haven’t heard any official report or press release from the company as of yet. This incident is another learning lesson for all retailers to stay vigilant at times especially if you are showcasing some expensive products on your store. As far as Apple is concerned we got reports of heightened security of all their overseas stores.

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