Apple Launching OSX Mountain Lion on July 25th

Apple showcased their latest version of OSX called Mountain Lion at WWDC 2012 and said that it will be available for the public in July. While two weeks for this month is already gone, people were getting concerned about the release date of the operating system. Many critics thought that Apple may have run into a delay and Mountain Lion will not be available until August. But today we got some reports from Mac Rumors suggesting that OSX Mountain Lion is coming out on July 25th. The reason that allows them to declare the date is because all Apple stores will undergo an overnight upgrade on 24th July.

OSX Mountain Lion July 25th

Image Courtesy of Engadget

With no other major releases listed, it is quite clear that the company is planning to prepare their retail outlets for the new OS. Whenever Apple releases a new product they create new banners, hoardings and most importantly update their stores with the latest stuff so that users can experience them before purchasing. On 24th July Apple will definitely upgrade all their retail stores with OSX Mountain Lion.

Mountain Lion will be available as a digital download and Flash Drive Purchase for 19.99 USD. If you recently bought your Macbook Pro i.e. after WWDC 2012 event then you will get the upgrade for free. This is a major OS release and it comes packed with 200 new features. Out of these, PowerNap, Notifications Center, Game Center, Gatekeeper etc. are totally outstanding. Watch the video below to know everything about this new OSX update.

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