Apple iPhone 5 to have 3.95 Inch Screen with 1136-640 Resolution

With WWDC 2012 knocking at our doorstep there seems to be more and more Apple iPhone 5 related news and rumors. The latest is from 9to5 Mac which claims that the new iPad will indeed have a bigger screen preferably 3.95 Inch that will pack a resolution of 1136-640 in order to cater users to the much acquainted retina standards. The popular site claims that Apple already finished designing these new products which will go for an engineering inspection test later today.
The bigger screen of iphone 5 will also accommodate a new row of apps (currently 4 rows) and allow more content to be displayed in from all the apps that are currently there in the Apple Marketplace. Bigger Screen size also indicates that the phone will be significantly thinner than previous generation iPhone 4S. There are also rumors of a brand new redesigned dock connector and better gripping of the phone in hands.
Few weeks back Wall Street Journal Confirmed production of iPhone 5 to start from Juneaccording to their much reliable sources at Foxconn Plant. This proves yet again that WWDC might not see iPhone and the company may preview a new version of iOS to the public. We will report you with all the news as we get them. Stay Tuned!
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