Apple Files for Wireless iPad Charging Patent

Today Apple just filed another important patent that involves using a new technology to wirelessly charge your iPad. I took a while and read the entire patent in order to understand the mechanism of their revolutionary new technology. It seems that Apple will be using the iPad’s best friend to keep it charged at all times. The Smart Cover as we know it is the most used iPad accessory that clings to your device using a magnet. The company will be using some sort of an induction coil to generate electricity when the cover is in contact with your iPad. I mean that’s all I could figure out and I am certainly no physicist.

One thing that’s clear from this patent is the fact that future consumer electronic devices will be independent of any wires for charging the batteries. In today’s world we are constantly threatened with unexpected battery drain that can disrupt our daily workflow. Just that day a small kid started playing a graphics-heavy game on my iPad 3 while running some download in the background. When I came back from the shop I was surprised to see 20 percent of the charge was already gone. This new technology will definitely be a game changer since we can put the tablet with the smart cover whenever we feel like. One thing that’s a bit confusing to me is whether we need to pre-charge the smart cover and then use it in contact with our iPads.
Let me know what you guys think about the new patent filing and whether some company will try to oppose it in our current patent battle zone. I want to end this post by sharing some of the lines from Apple’s official filing statement.

Apple iPad Wireless Charging Patent

There continues to be dramatic growth in the use of laptops and other portable electronic devices, such as personal digital assistants, cellular phones, smart phone and portable media players. Recent advances in portable computing includes the introduction of hand held electronic devices and computing platforms along the lines of the iPad.RTM. tablet manufactured by Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif. These handheld computing devices can be configured such that a substantial portion of the electronic device takes the form of a display used for presenting visual content leaving little available space for an attachment mechanism that can be used for attaching an accessory device or a cord that can be used to provide power for that matter.

Although a variety of standards have been developed for providing wireless communication with electronic devices, these devices continue to be plagued with a need for corded power supplies. Typically, each electronic device requires a separate power supply cord. These cords are a burden to use, store and carrying around as needed. Cords can be unsightly and substantially hinder portable device mobility.

 Therefore, a method of delivering useful power to a portable computing device, such as a tablet device, that is both efficient and does not distract from the inherent aesthetics of the tablet device is desired.

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