App Review: Foldify for iPad

Foldify App IconFoldify takes a brand new approach in integrating digital drawing on your iPad with that of real world craftsmanship. In order to enjoy the complete process of Foldify you not only need an iPad but also a printer and a pair of scissors. If you are confused thinking how these three things are related and what’s the application got to do with all of this then keep reading because we will explain you everything you need to know in order to use Foldify and determine whether its worth purchasing it after a complete review.

The Process of Foldify

When you launch this iPad app for the fist Time you will be greeted with a quick tutorial of basic features and functions of the app. Once the slideable tutorial ends, you are greeted with a screen that showcases different shapes can can be edited and customized according to your liking. Foldify basically allows you to draw anything you want on a predefined 2D pattern. The beauty of it is that once your drawing is complete you can print out the entire pattern and start cutting it across the folds to get a proper real life 3D figure of your creation. There are lots of base templates to choose from that includes houses, cars, rounds etc. you can either start with a per-painted figure or simply launch a white paper base with the fold markings. If you are looking for more figures and shapes head out to the extras section (found at the bottom) where you can get a catalogue of new shapes. Some of them might not be free and you need to do an in-app purchase to get them.

Foldify App complete process illustration

The Interface

Like I told you, the home screen consists of different shapes that you have already created. You can tap on the big plus button to start creating a brand new figure. Once you are done selecting the base template you will enter into the figure editing mode. This is where all the magic takes place. In simple terms, the figure editing mode looks a lot like a basic paint software with some cool useful features embedded into it. The fist thing you will notice is that the entire screen is divided into a 1:3 ratio. The narrow left side allows you to see a full realtor 3D shape of the object you are designing. The right side consists of the main 2D printable shape with lines marking various folds. The beauty of Foldify is that once you start editing things on the 2D figure you will see those changes in relative on the left side.Both the panels can be rotated and panned using basic iPad gestures.

Folidfy Home Screen Interface

The tools panel on top gives you all the customization material you need to paint your figures. There is the traditional paint and brush tools that takes care of basic paintings and coloring. Once you select a brush you can adjust the color you need from a professionally looking colors pallet. There is also a sticker c’mon that lets you add a bunch of stickers or per-drawn shapes directly on your figure. One thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that you cannot do any type of advanced selection or change brush size so the only way to draw accurately is to zoom into your shape using the pinch to zoom gesture. The traditional undo button will defiantly come handy because you are bound to make some errors or paint across a fold line.

Once your are happy eight you final figure there are many different ways of sharing your creation on Foldify. The beet feature of this app is the ability to tap the print button and instantly print the 2D shape using AirPrint. Another option allows you export the figure in a PDF format in case your printer is not compatible with the air print functionality. After printing the figure the role of Foldify ends and you need to start using your scissors to cut the folds preciously and join them to convert it not your 3D object.

Foldify for iPad creation panel


Foldify takes a brand new approach of combining digital and real world creation. However the app offers very less editing features that are needed for doing more custom shapes and designs. I think this is a very engaging iPad app for kids and anyone who is looking to tinker with their drawing and art crafting skills. On the other hand the final product is very accurate after printing and it’s really a joy to see your shapes coming into a 3D look.

[Download Foldify for iPad]

Price – $ 1.99

Score – (7.5/10)

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