5 Tips for Scoring More in Running with Friends

Zynga’s Running with Friends is a great game that takes advantage of your social circle and sets the arena for a 3 round match between you and your friends. Now that we have reviewed this app, it’s time to dig deep and share some of the tips and tricks with which you can achieve more points and beat your friends. Before reading further its worth mentioning that these tips do no guarantee that you will keep scoring higher points since the majority of the game functionality depends on your finger reflex. However, you will be surprised to see how easily you can beat the 10000 mark almost all the time. I will also share some techniques for using the gems efficiently. Let’s begin.

Secret Alleyways

This is one of the easiest ways to score more points in Running with Friends. While running, keep an eye out for secret alleyways that are marked with a blue arrow directing towards the road. Make sure you are present at the side of the lane where the alleyway starts. All you need to do is swipe your finger at the right time and enter the secret road. Once you are inside the narrow passage make sure you keep your calm and skip all the obstacles that come in your way. Your goal should be to collect the two big starts worth 1000 points each. Its fine if you miss some of those lower scoring stars or miss to blow up barrels, crates etc.  Just remember that the points you are looking for can be found right before exiting the alleyway.

 Secret alleyways in Running with Friends

Master the Slot Spin with 2X Stars

If you have played a few rounds then you must be pretty familiar with the bonus slot machine that pops out before each and every game and allows you to gain certain special scoring abilities. The trick is to understand the right combination and strive to get that with multiple attempts. The good thing about this slot is that you only pay 100 gems for the first spin and in case you are unhappy with the combination of power-ups then you can respin for just 25 stars.

Okay, I am going to tell you the best combination that will surely increase your score by at least 200 percent. All you need to do is aim for a 2X Star Doubler that doubles the amount of stars that you collect in the round. The rest of the stuff really doesn’t matter because if you focus on this single powerup your score will surpass all your previous attempts. To make things interesting, I suggest that once you get a 2X star multiplier in any of those slots try to spend another 50 gems and upgrade it to 3X. This means that if you collect say 5000 stars at the end of the round, your total star count will stand at 15000 and the distance will also be added giving you a mammoth final score. Please don’t share this trick with your friends.

Running With Friends 3X star Bonus

Understanding Bull Speeds

One of the most common ways that you put an end to a successful run is by getting smashed at an oncoming bull.  In order to evade these fast paced bulls in Running with Friends you need to understand their rhythm and the two different types of bull speeds. First and foremost you have the basic types that will run at you at a pace slightly slower or similar to that of the current game. On the other hand you need to look out for bulls that make a hop and then dashes towards you with a much higher speed. Instead of timing a successful jump I highly recommend that you try to change the lanes and avoid any collision. If you master this technique then you can get some really high scores in each round.

Avoid TNT

Another common place where you might get tricked is those TNT crates and barrels. Once you cross 1500-2000m you will encounter a fleet of TNT packages that looks a lot like any other item on the game. You can understand that it’s TNT by seeing the all-red paint on it. The only advice I can give you in this scenario is to jump and skip these because once you try to slide and break the boxes your game will be over instantly.

TNT Explosives in Running with Friends

Save Coins for Retries

One of the most helpful ways in which you can amplify your best score is by utilizing the two retires that are available each round. However, keep in mind that you should not use the precious retires for each and every attempt because sooner or later you will end up losing all the gems. You should only use the first retry (100 gems) if you fail somewhere near 70-80 percent of your best score so far. For example, if you best score is 5000 then there is no point wasting gems for a retry at 1000m for the next round. Instead you should only use it if you meet with an accident at 3500-4000m.

Saving Precious gems for retries

On the other hand I highly recommend that you use the second retry if you are feeling confident with the difficulty level of the game at that very moment. It’s important to maintain the rhythm in Running with Friends and remember not to waste time while hitting the button since the time gap will definitely deplete your groove for that round.

These are some of the tips for scoring more in Running with Friends. I hope that you find them useful. If you have any other questions about this amazing game for iPad then feel free to use the comments section below. You can also post your highscores before and after reading this article.

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  1. When the traffic speeds up & bulls on bikes occurs, I know the game is pretty much over. Is there any secret or tactic to get through this part or is the game set up so it’s impossible?

    • Rahul Ghosh says:

      Bulls on bikers is one of the hardest parts of Running with Friends. However I think that you should try to relax and dodge them one at a time. I still feel that the most common way of ending your run is getting knocked by those lightning speed incoming bulls.

  2. Now when you start a round, it’s telling me I can g a bonus if I detonate the TNT containers (doesn’t say crates). Do you know anything about that?

    • i had that too. You have to hit into the TNT explosive boxes and blow up. unfortunatly that’s the only way you can advance to the next achievement

      • Rahul Ghosh says:

        Well I guess you can’t just detonate TNT right.. you die if you do that in Running with Friends.

      • Some TNT’s are placed on top of regular crates. By sliding into the regular crate, you can explode the TNT’s without hurting yourself.

  3. Right now I am trying to master the achievement of earning 4000 or more points in 1 round. I keep earning 25,000 points more and nothing happens. It continues to say zero out of 4000 points when I pause the game. Help.

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