5 New iPad Retina Parallax Wallpapers to Kickstart 2014

Today I am going to share some of the best parallax wallpapers that you should try in 2014. I mean although your previous wallpapers are probably still fascinating but I seriously believe that the dawn of a new year demands change. Personally I change my background once every 2-3 months just to freshen things up in the not-so-exciting iOS 7 interface. I researched a lot and handpicked these wallpapers which are compatible with full parallax viewing.

Note: Please click on any image below and once again click on the thumbnail icon to download the full retina resolution wallpaper.

Star Trails

Star trails Retina Parallax Wallpaper

Doritos Parallax Wallpaper

Retina Doritos

Narabeen Lake Retina Parallax Wallpaper

NarrabeenLake Retina Wallpaper

Hwsung Blur

Hawsung Blur iPad Retina Parallax Wallpaper

Baseball HD

Baseballs Retina Wallpaper

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  1. These are the best wallpaper for ipads .I am looking for a wallpaper which should match with my ipad case and it should be look better .

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