5 Brand New iPad Retina Wallpapers

These days there are many websites where you can just type in a category name and get a wide range of iPad Retina wallpapers. The problem with most of these sites is the fact that most of the images are stretched 2048-2048 pixel images. Unless you really know where to find the best and the newest Retina Wallpapers then you might not be satisfied with 99 percent of the content out there. So, I decided that every week or so I will make my own list (5 items per week) of some of the best iPad Wallpapers. I can guarantee you that this is going to be the best list you ever encounter on any website because each week I personally spend 7 hours searching for wallpapers, testing them in different light conditions and so forth. Below are the images from this week’s list. Please click on an image to download the actual resolution wallpapers.

31st December Wallpaper

31st december retina wallpaper

Apple Eats Android

Apple Eats Android wallpaper

Cute Cartoon Girl

cute cartoon girl

Town Under Stars

Town Under Stars Retina Wallpaper

Robot Father Sky

Robot Father Sky Retina Wallpaper


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