5 Best iPad Wallpapers for June 2014

In June Apple refreshed their entire software lineup with iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite. I thought it’s time to share some of the best wallpapers for the month of June 2014. Since I already installed iOS 8 beta version I was also able to find their official wallpaper and I will be adding that in the list just in case you are interested to try it out.  I searched through various wallpaper sites as well as other popular creative directories in order to come up with the rest of them. Please click on each image to download the original retina resolution wallpaper.

 iOS 8 Official Wallpaper

iOS 8 official wallpaper for iPad Retina

Where Tahrs Live

Where Tahrs Live Polygon Retina Wallpaper

 Macroni Parallax

Macroni Parallax

NBA Stopping Hand Retina

NBA Stopping Hand wallpaper

The Moon and the Ocean

The Moon and The Ocean retina wallpaper


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  1. I love “The Moon and the Ocean” wallpaper. Thanks for sharing.

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