5 Best iPad Air Retina Wallpapers for December 2013

The year is almost up and we are back with some of the best wallpapers for your new iPad Air as well as any of the retina display models of the iPad. Here are some of the best retina wallpapers for December 2013. Click on each image to download the full 2048-2048 resolution wallpaper.

Bonus: Top 5 Christmas Wallpapers for iPad

1. Christmas Makeover

Apple Christmas Makeover Retina Wallpaper

2. Bjango Trio Cold

Bjango Trio Cold iPad Air Retina Wallpaper

3. Blue Transmit iPad Retina Wallpaper

Blue Transmit iPad Retina Wallpaper

4. Christmas Love iPad Air Wallpaper

Christmas Love iPad Air Wallpaper

5. iPad Retina Milky Way Galaxy Wallpaper

iOS 7 Milky Way Retina Wallpaper for iPad AIr

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  1. Great designs, I like all the wallpapers specially the 4th one Christmas Love iPad Air Wallpaper. Recently one of my colleague had bought iPad. So I will share this information with him. Thanks for sharing keep on posting.

    • Rahul Ghosh says:

      thanks for encouraging my work. You should check out my entire wallpaper category. I hand picked the best of the best after a lot of research each and every month.

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