5 Beautiful Retina Space Wallpapers for iPad

iPad wallpapers often determine the characteristics of a particular individual. It’s the most notable thing when you switch on your iPad. If you like space and astronomy and you are fascinated by its magnitude then this post will surely delight you. Today we are going to share 5 Retina quality Space wallpapers for your iPad. These wallpapers are tested on both iPad 3rd and 4th generation and they simply look stunning. If you want to download any of the images given below please click on them to get the full 2048-2048 pixel wallpaper for your device. Don’t forget to comment on this post and share your views about this list. We handpicked 5 wallpapers out of hundreds after rigorous testing on various angles, mood, light condition etc. I hope all of the pictures would be more than enough to quench your thirst for space and sci-fi exploration.

Abstract Solar System

Abstract Solar System Wallpaper

Textured Planets

Textured Planets Retina Wallpaper

Starships in Space

Starships in Space

Earth from Space

Earth from Space

Space Horizon

Space Horizon Retina Wallpaper

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