4 Ways to Score Higher in TrafficVille 3D

Recently I have been playing a very addictive game on my iPad called TrafficVille 3D. While the game never caught the attention in any marketing campaign I first saw it on the top free apps section in the App Store. I decided that I should give it a try since I found the description pretty interesting and intimidating. Basically the game is a road styled Flight Control HD where you need to make sure that vehicles are passed properly without causing any accident.  I am currently ranked 193 amongst hundreds of thousands of players who are competing to beat their friends. Since I became an expert at TrafficVille 3D it’s time I share some of the tips and tricks which you can use to make your own highscores and probably defeat mine.

TrafficVille 3D my highscore

Learn the Traffic Patterns

The first thing to do is make sure that you observe how cars behave when they are crossing the 6-way traffic point.  There are a total of 6 roads intersecting at right angles to each other followed by two straight train tracks. The roads that are horizontal to your iPad screen faces traffic moving in both directions. On the other hand the roads running vertically feature traffic that uses a singular direction with the double lane highway on both sides. The trains run parallel to these vertical roads. Please take a look at the picture below in order to understand what’s going on.

The indestructible signal pattern

When you are new to TrafficVille 3D the most important thing you should remember is to close every signal that you open. Once the light turns green, cars will flow from one side of the road to another and it’s important that you hold the traffic while clearing the next section. Make it a habit not to open horizontal and vertical signals at the same time. The best possible combination in order to score lots of points without the chance of a crash is to open the two rail crossings and the two vertical road signs (total 4) all at the same time. The cars never move horizontally and you are assured of a safe transition. Then go ahead and close all the 4 signals. Now select either the left of right signal and clear it. Close the left signal and now open the right one or vice versa to clear a single wave of traffic. Repeat this pattern till your brain runs out of concentration juice or you go into a trance state. This thing may sound simple but you are constantly challenged with obstructive air traffic, timer countdowns and emergency vehicles.

TrafficVille 3D gameplay

Handling Emergencies

Occasionally you will encounter some emergency vehicles that need to be cleared without a red signal. While the concept may sound challenging you can still ensure a safe traffic flow by closing all the other signals after 2-3 seconds of hearing the sirens. If you notice carefully you will realize that the emergency vehicles move at a slow speed compared to the other cars. Once the vehicle passes the junction immediately stop that route and clear other traffic.

Tackling Countdown Timers

Last but not the least the most common way of making a mistake is to act poorly under the pressure of a signal timer. As you progress through the game these timers start spawning at frequent intervals and stresses you to take a split second decision. My suggestion with TrafficVille 3D timers is that you can immediately start and stop a signal to bypass them. For Example let’s say that two timers are ticking on opposite road directions and you have a ton of car waiting in the jam.  Try to tap one signal to disable the timer and immediately close it. Follow up with doing the same on the other side. It takes a bit of practice but it’s definitely worth the time in case you are planning to beat my score.

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These are some of the most valuable tips for scoring more in TrafficVille 3D. However, you need to be concentrated throughout the game or else mistakes are inevitable. Try to pause it and resume your traffic signal journey after a little while. In that way you have a better chance.

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