3 Best Poker Games for your iPad

It seems that Apple’s iPad is influencing every possible industry with some great apps. Today we decided to target one such gaming niche that was previously dominated by the whirlwind of social media connections. Poker games was made popular to the mass internet audience by none other than the social gaming giant Zynga. The concept of playing against your Facebook friends using virtual currency was not only fun but posed a competitive environment without the risk of losing anything in real. With Zynga’s success and the mobile world having a better grip over the PC today I am going to quickly list 3 of the best poker games that you must try on your iPad.

Poker by Zynga

Zynga Poker App IconAs mentioned before Zynga is one of the first companies who realized the shift in the trend from desktop to mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. Their app provides the most compelling experience for a virtual poker gameplay. When launch the app for the first time you need to connect your Facebook account which leads to a small token gift of poker chips for starting out. Chips can also be collected when your friends send daily gifts or you win something at the newly introduced daily lucky slot. With their recent update the game takes full advantage of the retina display and looks gorgeous from every angle. The actual gameplay takes place on a topdown view which is pretty neat especially with the profile thumbnails of every player. Give Poker by Zynga a try if you live breath and dream about winning big all day long.

Price – Free

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World Series of Poker for iPad

World Series of Poker App IconThis game is made by the famous EA Studios in order to bring an authentic experience of those million dollar tournaments that happens in real life. You are placed on a big leaderboard and you can track your progress compared to rest of the people in the world. There are various interesting achievements and other icons that mark your status clearly once you hit the tables. This game also allows you to play different forms of poker like Texas Holdem, Omaha etc. The app is completely free and definitely worth a shot.

Price – Free

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Poker Drop

Poker Drop App IconThis app combines traditional poker hands with Tetris. Yes, you heard me right. It’s pretty enjoyable as you get to experience an intense excitement when the cards start dropping on the grid. You need to arrange them in order to score more points according to the ranking of any subsequent hand. PokerDrop is a free app that comes with 2 levels. However, there is a $1.99 in-app purchases that unlocks more levels with brand new challenges. This is one game that should be played by all pro players to sharpen their gambling mind. The app also comes with pretty neat graphics and some great looking animations.

Price – Free (in-app purchase to unlock all features)

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