Top 5 iPad Education Apps for Students

WordFlex Dictionary Interface for iPad

The iPad is turning out to be a key tool in the education sector. Over the last couple of years we have seen a lot of companies developing education related apps for students and teachers which in turn is acting as a driving force in revolutionizing education for the future generation. Apple themselves introduced iBooks     [Continue Reading]

Apple announces new 128GB iPad Retina Display

iPad 128GB Models

Apple just announced their brand new 128GB iPad with Retina display on a press release. The new 128GB iPad was first rumored by 9to5Mac as they saw support for it on iOS 6.1 Beta 5 logs. This is not a redesign or a new model for the iPad. You still get the same A6X Chip,     [Continue Reading]

Apple releases iOS 6.1 for Public with LTE Support

iOS 6.1 Update Screen

There have been 5 beta releases of iOS 6.1 before the final release of a stable version for the public. I was beginning to think that this might be an update with many small but noticeable improvement but the only major addition in this version is better support for 4G LTE networks on various cellular     [Continue Reading]

MyScript Calculator Review for iPad

MyScript Calculator natural handwriting

MyScript Calculator is one of the most innovating education apps that I have ever seen since the inception of the App Store. I wished I had this app during my school examinations because it would have allowed me to complete my 3 hour maths paper in just a few minutes. The app is completely free     [Continue Reading]

Braindex App Review for iPad

braindex interface

Braindex is an awesome new quiz game for iPad that takes virtual interactivity to a whole new level. Rentals we have seen a lot of quality quizzing apps released for iPad and Braindex Trivia against celebrities is certainly one of the best. It is one of the first games for iPad that blends the virtual     [Continue Reading]

5 Beautiful Retina Space Wallpapers for iPad

Textured Planets Retina Wallpaper

iPad wallpapers often determine the characteristics of a particular individual. It’s the most notable thing when you switch on your iPad. If you like space and astronomy and you are fascinated by its magnitude then this post will surely delight you. Today we are going to share 5 Retina quality Space wallpapers for your iPad.     [Continue Reading]

Apple Q1 2013 Net Profit soars high at $13.1 Billion

iPhone and iPad Sales Q1 2013

Apple just released their much expected income report for the first quarter of 2013. According to the report the tech giant made $54.5 Billion of total revenue with net profit figures at $13.1 Billion. This is one of the biggest and most profitable quarters in the history of Apple. Soon after the launch of iPhone     [Continue Reading]

Class+ review for iPad

Class+ iOS App Icon

Class+ is a brand new iPad app that attempts to organize ho you take your daily classes and helps you plan them more effectively. When I got the request for the app review I was a little skeptical since most of the task management apps are pretty much the same and there is hardly anything     [Continue Reading]

20 Useful Tips for Getting Started with your iPad

Detatch iPad Virtual Keyboard

When you open the sealed pack of a brand new iPad and slowly tear it the real joy of owning an iPad comes to life. After you switch it on for the first time you are greeted by a quick installation and setup process. It’s after this step that you get a first-hand experience of     [Continue Reading]

3 Best Poker Games for your iPad

Poker Drop App Icon

It seems that Apple’s iPad is influencing every possible industry with some great apps. Today we decided to target one such gaming niche that was previously dominated by the whirlwind of social media connections. Poker games was made popular to the mass internet audience by none other than the social gaming giant Zynga. The concept     [Continue Reading]

Temple Run 2 Review for iPad

Temple Run 2 App Icon

Unless you are living in a cave you must have heard about the brand new Temple Run 2 game which is currently the top iPad app in the free segment. Like I promised today we are going to review this highly anticipated game of 2013 and find out whether Temple Run 2 lives up to     [Continue Reading]

Noble Nutlings is a fantastic physics based fun racing game

Noble Nutlings iOS App Icon

Noble Nutlings is a fun easy to play racing game that looks a lot like Bad Piggies HD but comes with its own flair that certainly caught our attention. When you launch the game for the first time you will quickly jump into action and race to the finish line with some weird looking creatures     [Continue Reading]