How to save and sync online content on your iPad

online content syncing ecosystem

Recently Chitika reported that over 90 percent of web based tablet traffic comes from Apple iPads making it the number one device to browse the web. I personally like browsing on my iPad rather than any conventional desktop or laptop because of the simplicity and interactivity with which you can navigate, save images etc. Recently     [Continue Reading]

5 Brand New iPad Retina Wallpapers

cute cartoon girl wallpaper

These days there are many websites where you can just type in a category name and get a wide range of iPad Retina wallpapers. The problem with most of these sites is the fact that most of the images are stretched 2048-2048 pixel images. Unless you really know where to find the best and the     [Continue Reading]

Best iPad Apps in 2012

Best iPad Apps 2012 Nutshell

2012 has been a great year not just for Apple iPad apps but for the entire tablet market as a whole. For the last few years we saw the start of a post PC revolution with Apple leading the band of new interactive devices by launching their first iPad. Even since that iconic day when     [Continue Reading]

Rumor: iPad 5 launch as early as March 2013

iPad 5 Launch Rumor

Today we just got new reports suggesting the launch of a brand new iPad 5 in March 2013. As of now these are just speculations made by Macotakara who is known for providing some really accurate Apple rumors in 2012. Be it the iPod touch or the first leaked pictures of iPad Mini, this Japanese     [Continue Reading]

Apple releases “I’ll be home for Christmas” Holiday Ad

Apple Holiday Logo

Apple is one company who is known for making some mind blowing commercials showcasing their latest products and technology. Today, the tech giant launched a brand new 30 second advertisement catered specifically for the holiday season. The ad features the famous Bing Crosby’s song “I’ll be home for Christmas” which is being played by a     [Continue Reading]

List of Discounted iPad Apps for Christmas 2012

iPad Christmas Discount Apps

The final countdown to Christmas 2012 has begun and iPad app developers are preparing some great discounts on their apps just for this special festival. There are so many discounts happening at the same time that it’s hard to keep track of all of them.  However, I decided to create a list where you can     [Continue Reading]

App Review: Foldify for iPad

Foldify App Icon

Foldify takes a brand new approach in integrating digital drawing on your iPad with that of real world craftsmanship. In order to enjoy the complete process of Foldify you not only need an iPad but also a printer and a pair of scissors. If you are confused thinking how these three things are related and     [Continue Reading]

Say Hello to our TNIB Podcast

Podcast Banner Image

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new podcast show. In The New iPad Blog (TNIB) podcast channel we are going to talk about iPad and other cool stuff. There are several reasons for starting a talk show for our site. Firstly I see a lot of you are having trouble upgrading     [Continue Reading]

Untethered Dream Jailbreak for iOS 6 is a Fake promotion

dream Jailbreak fake

A few months back when Apple released their brand new iOS 6 mobile operating system I thought to myself that we are just days away from an untethered jailbreak just like the previous releases. While Redsnow and Absinthe are working hard to come up with an untethered version of iOS 6.0.1 the reality is that     [Continue Reading]

How to fix Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Error in iOS 6

Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Error Message

One of the most common problems faced by millions of iOS 6 users is the annoying message that says “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” whenever you are trying to access your music or movie store. I personally get a lot of emails from different people asking for help to solve the problem. Today I decided to     [Continue Reading]

iPad App Review: Zite Personalized Magazine

Zite App Icon

Nowadays the Apple App Store is filled with tone of RSS and news readers for your iPad. Amongst such a wide catalog to choose from, Zite for iPad stands out because of its unique and simplistic approach in organizing content that you love to read and share. In this review I am going to cover     [Continue Reading]

Review: Santa GPS 2.0 for iPad

Santa Gps 2 Icon

One of the best thing that I love about Christmas is the popular Santa Clause belief. Sometimes I wonder why I grew up and found out that its all just a myth. Nowadays when I see children excited for the Christmas Eve visit from their favorite Santa Clause it definitely makes me nostalgic. The reason     [Continue Reading]