Facebook Messenger Updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Facebook Messenger for iOS new layout

Ever since the tie up between Facebook and Apple over the iOS 6 social sharing features, the former has been updating all their iOS applications to make the experience much faster and optimized. A month ago Facebook rolled out a major redesign to their iOS app that enhanced performance upto twice as faster as the     [Continue Reading]

How to install Google Maps on iOS 6

Google Maps running on iOS 6

If you have been wondering how you can use Google Maps on your newly installed Apple iOS 6 device then I am happy to inform you that I finally got a perfect solution. The problem is every time you want to use Google Maps you have to go through the trouble of opening safari and     [Continue Reading]

Tim Cook Apologizes for iOS 6 Maps Problems

Tim Cook Apologizes

Since the launch of the latest iOS 6 for Apple users have been complaining a lot about the inaccuracy of the new mapping application. Apple CEO Tim Cook finally broke the silence today by writing a public apology letter to all their customers. Tim explained that Mapping was taken as a major initiative and they     [Continue Reading]

Apple Maps Vs Google Maps in India

Taj Mahal without 3d flyover in Apple Maps

One of the most highlighting new feature in Apple’s iOS 6 release is their brand new maps application. A few months ago when Apple demoed their almost final build of maps I thought that this could really be a game changer and destroy the dominance of Google Maps forever. Sadly, I was wrong. As soon     [Continue Reading]

Apple releases free iOS 6 User Manual

iOS 6 user manual

With the launch of iOS 6 Apple claimed that they added over 200 new features to the world’s most advanced operating system. While there are significant new changes to the notifications bar where you now have dedicated Facebook posting and tweeting options the OS also comes packed with lots of tiny little improvements that were     [Continue Reading]

How to install iOS 6 on jailbroken 5.1.1 iPad


As you probably know that the latest iOS 6 mobile operating system is released for the public on September 19th and it has been downloaded millions of times by many customers using their very own Apple devices. Today I am going to show you the exact method of upgrading to IOS 6 for your jailbroken     [Continue Reading]

iOS 6 is now available for download

iOS 6 for ipad

As you all know that Apple announced the release of iOS 6 for all their devices on September 19th 2012. So today is the day and I am proud to announce you that the update is available for your iPad and iPhones (including 4th generation touches). It will take about 50 Minutes for a 1     [Continue Reading]

New twitter App for iOS makes massive improvements

New Twitter iOS app interface

Twitter, the famous micro blogging site recently released a bunch of updates to their web and mobile versions adding a lot of useful features that I think should have been implemented a long time back. Here we are going to talk about the changes to Twitter’s iOS app especially for the iPad. Firstly what you     [Continue Reading]

Bad Piggies Gameplay Trailer released by Rovio

Bad Piggies

Rovio is best known for creating Angry Birds, the game that showcased the potential of mobile interactive gaming and usage of touch controls in a creative and simple manner.  Recently we have seen Rovio expand their horizon with a new game called Amazing Alex that was quite successful if not as much as Angry Birds.     [Continue Reading]

iOS Photo Editing App Snapseed acquired by Google

Snapseed Interface iOS

Snapseed, the famous iOS photo editing app which promises steep completion to the popular Instagram service is acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount.  If you follow the Apple app store on a weekly basis then you must be aware of the fact that Snapseed was recently featured in the store for the iPad section     [Continue Reading]

App of the Week: Run Roo Run [Video Review]

run roo run

Run Roo Run is a free  fun to play adventure game from 5th Cell Media. This company has a reputation of creating great apps like Scribblenuts, so no wonder this is the App of the Week. When I first installed this game on my iPad I thought that it would be one long adventure with     [Continue Reading]

Jetpack Joyride Game Review

Jetpack Joyride for iPad

Jetpack Joyride is an incredibly addictive game launched for all iOS devices including your iPad. The game also topped the charts for the Editor’s choice and App of the week. If you are still not familiar with Jetpack Joyride then you should know that you are missing loads of fun and adventure. HalfBrick Games did     [Continue Reading]