Flipboard App strikes 20 Million Users


Flipboard first launched in the iOS Store nearly 2 years ago. From the first day this radical newly designed RSS and news reader grabbed the attention of the masses. The key factor that separated Flipboard from others is the page flipping animations and a nicely spaced layout designed to give prime focus on the core     [Continue Reading]

Tim Cook Addresses Apple Employees after win over Samsung

Tim Cook finally addressed apple employees all across the world after their successful lawsuit win against Samsung that caused the Korean Giant a hefty fee of over $ 1 Billion. Apple and Samsung have been engaged in a long running patent infringement battle where the former claimed that Samsung simply copied their UI (User Interface)     [Continue Reading]

Facebook Launches New Faster Smoother iOS App

Mark Zuckerberg on new Facebook iOS App

Today Facebook launched an updated version of their iOS application for both iPad and iPhone. According to the company they resigned the whole app from scratch with xcode’s objective C. This new method helped Facebook achieve a faster and fluent experience for the users. if you were already using the old application then you must     [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Note Taking Apps for the iPad (2012)

Penultimate Note Taking Application for iPad

The iPad is considered as a revolutionary new device in the business and educational industry. With so many people using the iPad on their daily work schedule and students replacing the traditional notebook with the iPad for taking down important points in their studies, this device is clearly the future replacement for the paper driven     [Continue Reading]