WWDC 2012 tickets are sold within 2 Hours


Apple’s Biggest Event WWDC 2012 is confirmed from June 11-15. Apple confirmed the dates today itself and within 2 hours all tickets were sold. Can you guys believe it. Just 2 hours and the entire Auditorium is booked. Last year WWDC 2011 took 14 hours to sell all their tickets. Apple is expected to launch     [Continue Reading]

The new iPad India Release Date and Prices

ipad India

Finally after a month of waiting the new ipad is coming to India. We just got confirmed reports that the new iPad will be officially released on the Indian Shores from April 27th. A lot of expectations and hype are surrounding the new device and looks like the Indian tech savvy audience are finally gonna get their     [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Games for the new iPad (April 2012)


The new iPad is released for about 20 days now and the most talked about feature upgrade is the quad core graphics of the Apple A5X Processor. While there are tons and tons of iPad games out there that are pretty good, only a few were upgraded to take advantage of the really high quality     [Continue Reading]

The new iPad iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Update


IF you just got the new ipad and you want to jailbreak iOS 5.1(untethered) then I got some awesome news for you. Even before I start writing one should note that if you accidently updated to any new software update after buying the new ipad then the rumors demonstrated below might not work for you.     [Continue Reading]