12 Must Have Christmas Apps for your iPad

For the last few weeks I wrote several other Christmas related blog posts for your iPad. This one will probably be the last for the year 2012. Apart from some gorgeous Christmas wallpapers, many developers spend a lot of time to come up with apps that are specific to the festive season. Although these apps are available to download throughout the year, you can expect price drops and increase in the iTunes store popularity during the whole month of December. We have compiled a list of the top 10 Christmas Apps that you must have on your iPad. We have sorted our picks from a wide range of categories like games, e-books, productivity, entertainment etc.

Doodle Jump Christmas Special

When it comes to fun little exciting games, nothing beats Doodle Jump. In their Christmas edition you play with the same doodle who is now dressed up in a whole new Christmas outfit. Instead of the regular old monsters trying to block your upward ascend there are scary Christmas trees, some weird looking skeletal monsters etc. The core gameplay is exactly what you would expect from a regular Doodle Jump, it’s just the theme that’s changed to tune in with the holiday mood.

Price – $0.99


Talking Santa for iPad

Talking Santa is a modified version of the famous Talking Tom app to cater to the December festive mood. Arguably this app is not just for kids and many adults also enjoy the silly Santa talking back everything you say. If you have never ever used any of Outfit7’s app then you are in for a real treat. As soon as you launch the application on your iPad you are presented with a 3D Santa Clause who speaks everything you say to him in his grumpy tone. There are some additional features that allow you to smack Santa’s face, get some gifts from him and occasionally see the good old Tom appearing on scene with him. You have a choice of two different scenes catered with lots of animations. You can even take a snapshot postcard of Tom and Santa and share it with you friends in Facebook or Twitter.

Price – Free

talking santa new scene on iPad

Cards by Apple

This is perhaps the most unpopular Apple app compared to other ones like Numbers, Keynote etc. However, Cards can be of great help if you are planning to design and send a Christmas card to your loved ones. You can customize the design and layout after selecting a base template or you can simply start from scratch. Once your design is complete you can publish the card and Apple will create a real world greeting from your design and send to the specified address. Although the application itself is free, you need to shell out a few bucks in order to create and send cards.

Price – Free

Cards App iPad

7 Sleeps Until Christmas

This is one of the best interactive Christmas book that you will find on your iPad. The name of the app may seem a little long and uncommon but once you launch the book and put your kids in front of it, they will surely be engaged into it’s beautiful content. As the name suggests, this app delivers a special letter directly from Santa starting from the 7th day until Christmas. The letters are written in spectacular calligraphy on a nicely designed old styled layout. This interactive E-Book also comes with a bunch of hidden reindeers that you have to unlock.

santa-christmas-letterCharlie Brown’s Christmas

This is probably the most popular Christmas App on the iTunes store. Adapted from the old school TV show Charlie Brown is an interactive E-Book that takes you back into the world of Charlie and narrates a complete story. I am not going to spoil the fun by telling you what the famous Christmas story is but what I can surely say is that you will love this app from start to finish. Each and every page is filled with lots of exciting new interactive puzzles that is upto you to solve. At some point you might have to play a piano and do things as instructed on-screen to continue the story. Once you finish Charlie Brown’s Christmas, all you can think of is go back to the first page and start again.

Price – $3.99

Charlie Brown Christmas Interactive Piano

Ski Safari for iPad

One can’t image December and the holiday season without a bit of snow. If you like skiing then you will definitely love Ski Safari. You play as a small little character whose mission is to ski some extreme mountain cliffs and score more points. While you are skiing, your character will be chased by a glacier approaching from behind. In order to avoid the glacier you need to gain speed and maintain a steady momentum. Speed can be gained by catching a penguin for a ride, using Yeti monsters to travel faster or simply getting a ride on a snowmobile. This game is exciting at every moment and is a must have for the holiday season.

Price – $0.99

Ski Safari gameplay on iPadAngry Birds Season HD

This is one Angry Birds game that constantly changes and adapts to the recent festival of the year. Now that Christmas is knocking at our doorstep Rovio released some brand new levels to celebrate the mood. When you install Angry Birds Seasons HD on your iPad (especially iPad 3 and later) you will be pleased with the super high resolution retina pictures throughout the game. The textures, birds and the world all look so sharp and accurate. This one is a must have for all Angry Birds fans out there.

Price – $2.99

angry-birds-winter-wonderhamA Christmas Carol for iOS

I personally love listening to Christmas carols during the month of December. This is another E-Book adaptation of the famous Charles Dickens novel called “A Christmas Carol”. This app not only brings you a large list of original scores and instrumentals but also showcases them with great animations. Just like the Charlie Brown app, this e-book looks gorgeous on your retina display and is a great way to engage young kids. Each and every page is filled with hidden discoverable interactive items.

Price – $1.99

christmas-carol-on-ipad Let’s Create Christmas

This is a brand new version of the famous Let’s Create series that allows you to create your very own customized Christmas bells. You can start off from scratch and design your custom bauble by altering colors, shapes and the background theme. Once your final design is ready you can also share it in various sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Price – $0.99

custom bells for christmasChristmas Tree HD for iPad

This is a classic Christmas tree decorating app which utilizes the beautiful retina display of the iPad. You have over 19 different types of Christmas items to choose from and while decorating your tree the app also provides support for listening to your music. I don’t understand a logical reason for this but hey, it’s fun! There are a few in-app Christmas chimes as well. Once you are done decorating your tree you can share it with your friends. All of the above mentioned featured are topped with some beautiful animations to make the tree more lively.

Price – $0.99

christmas-tree-HD-iPadCut the Rope Holiday Gift

This special edition of the famous Cut the Rope game on your iPad introduces Om Nom (the character) in full festive swing. If you have never played Cut the Rope before then I highly suggest that you download the free version and give it a try. This is a physics based game with the objective of feeding a candy to the cute little monster. While doing so you need to cut each and every rope or string carefully in order to make sure that the candy stays on track. I heard that the last level in the Christmas edition also features some spectacular rockets with the latest update.

Price – Free

cut the rope holiday edition

Santa GPS 2.0 for iPad

Whether the content in this app is all fiction or real is upto you. One thing that I can promise is that you will track Santa’s progress throughout the world on Christmas Eve. Santa GPS 2.0 shows your coordinates relative to that of Santa’s in real time. Yeah! You heard me right! Not only that, you can also send personalized letter to Santa stating the gifts you want for this Christmas. There is also a rating meter that lets you choose whether your gifts are naughty or nice. Like I said I am not sure who reads all these mails from different iPad users across the globe. Santa GPS 2.0 is a perfect piece of engagement for all those young kids who still believe in the Santa Clause fairy tale.

Price – $2.99


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