12.9 inch iPad Pro rumored for Q1 2014 launch

Today we have fresh rumor reports for yet another iPad product, the 12.9 inch iPad pro slated for a Q1 2014 release. Apple’s local display supplier in Korea said they are producing these brand new 12.9 inch super high quality display for a new category of iPads looking to bridge the gap further between tablets and laptops. As of now we have a small 7.9 inch and a standard 9.7 inch tablet from Apple both running at the same retina resolution.

If the rumors are indeed true and Apple is planning to launch a bigger iPad then one has to assume that the new device will pack resolutions quite higher than the current retina standard. As a matter of fact Apple realizes that the new device should also have better color contrast and gamma both of which have been criticized for the retina display in recent times.

12.9 inch iPad rumor 2014

We don’t have any other news about the configuration, storage or the processor that this 12.9 inch iPad is going to use. One thing that I can assure you is that we will keep a close eye on this early yet interesting rumor and follow up with any updates. The new iPad is planned for a Q1 2014 launch which is pretty standard considering Apple’s strategy of product launches.

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